The film starts out as a campus story involving four boys, Thomas, Ravi, Alosius and Swami. There is the usual pranks that the boys of the age do, although the movie doesn't just revolve around these.The second half of the movie takes us to scenic locales of Munnar. The second half also introduces the major female character, Molu. The movie centres around the problems faced by them in a hotel in Munnar.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Idavela 1982 full movies, Idavela torrents movie

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Idavela torrent reviews

Joseph G (de) wrote: Now this is how you do a game adaptation. Take fucking note Hollywood.

Juli R (es) wrote: This movie almost would have been better without the lead character. Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) is just utterly unlikable. But so human that we somehow end up sympathizing with him. Noah Baumbach HAS to be one of my favourite screenwriters. What a fascinating character study this is. Maybe not for everyone. But really insightful and provocative.

Alecs M (ca) wrote: Mexican cinema has many hard to erase precepts that usually tend to make films old fashioned and predictable: the story is set on the neighborhood la Condesa, young characters are blond or then they are poor criminals, the sondtrack is sung by Julieta venegas or friends, the actors are usually the same, the topic can only be a romantic comedy or a drama about the miserable bottom classes or a black comedy about insecurity or an art drama set on the villages. This film shows a new way to approach to the young, the being an outsider, the possibility of setting a story outside mexico city without being a farm story. Is the so told Romeo and Juliet but it is told in a new (at least in mexican cinema), fresh way. Me en-can-to! La juventud es pocas veces tratada con tanta novedad y autenticidad en el cine mexicano. Aunque el guin parece un poco ms introspectivo que Drama-mex, el resultado es mucho ms maduro e interesante. Los personajes jvenes se nivelan a la perfeccin con los adultos (el regreso de Rebecca Jones muy oportuno) y la historia es sencilla pero contada de manera muy vanguardista. Guanajuato es aprovechada muy bien para ser el lugar donde esta historia da a lugar. El nico pero que le pongo es que en algn momento cerca de la segunda mitad pierde el ritmo y pudo acortarse todava ms. El final tampoco me gust mucho.

Grant G (ag) wrote: Infinitely better than most war-time films; it rises above the Hollywood bravado of HURT LOCKER. It literally puts anyman on the front lines of fear, confusion, courage, humility and brotherhood. An absolutely well-directed film.

Gina F (ru) wrote: This is odd but some fantastic acting makes it really quirky good. Everything I see is quirky. Hmm, wonder what that means.

Bri L (ru) wrote: I was rather surprised with this film. With a very similar concept to Hitchcock's Rear Window, it's a quite different take on the horror/sci-fi genre and although the characters are very 2-dimensional and Lance Henriksen is rather wasted, I found myself watching it with enjoyment. Some of the camera angles and zooms could have been done more artisticly to make it more creeper, but the budget on this film obviously wasn't rather large so the director did with it what he could. I was going to give this film 3 stars but I must admit it's really only worthy of 2 and a half due to the missed opportunities. Good to see Rebecca Mader in a different role to her stint in LOST (as Charlotte - one of the freighter people).

Pia K (ca) wrote: Typivn ja joulumssilyjen jlkeen olikin mukava heittyty sohvalle (kertaallen jo nhdyn) komedian pariin... ;) (Suom. Poika)

Dammy G (us) wrote: This movie once again proves you can have a sexy woman on screen doing sexy things, but your movie can still suffer if your story is terrible

Yeli B (au) wrote: a childhood movie that i still to this day love. if you have not seen then i totally recommend it.

Kirstie R (es) wrote: David Tennant was born to play Hamlet. I usually don't go for modern renditions of Shakespeare plays, but I thought this one was well done. They kept the language and let it speak for itself instead of trying to modernize Shakespeare's language, which usually ends up being a total disaster.

Mikhail B (us) wrote: Excellent story about the demise of the American dream, poverty, anger and despair in America's suburbs.

Jonathan T (fr) wrote: OK, so here we go: it's prime time on TV in 1978, and the movie of the week is... "Devil Dog"! As expected, YVETTE MIMEUX stars as the mother of a happy suburban family who buy a cute German Shephard puppy which unfortunately turns out to be a Demon From Hell who quickly corrupts the two children into cheating on tests and disrespecting their neighbors, then joining their mom Yvette for midnight Satan-worshipping sessions in the attic (even though it's a one-story ranch house?) and all sorts of other bad things. Richard Crenna plays Richard Crenna as the husband who realizes early on that "something has to be done" as soon as the puppy's eyes start glowing and the kindly old Latino Catholic housekeeper is mysteriously killed in a domestic accident caused by the Hellhound's telepathic powers... after she warned him "I get a sense of-- EVIL-- when I look at the puppy." Moral of the story, suburban WASPS should pay more attention to their Catholic housekeepers, and don't depend on Yvette Mimeux for appropriate child-rearing.

Justin T (au) wrote: A bit misguided but Rourke is solid.

Nicols Alberto P (ag) wrote: This movie isn't baaaaaad, only medium bad. Peter pan to peter pan sequel and to tinkerbell.... isn't necessary. And the sequels A GREAT GREEN LIQUID, but today: Disney searching ideas and no find.