Identity Theft

Identity Theft

When a drug deal turns into a bloodbath, a junkie-gangster crosses paths with an illegal alien. The illegal alien ends up with the gangster's ID and uses it to create a new successful life as a US citizen. A near death experience causes the gangster to re-evaluate his life, and when he leaves prison three years later, he is clean, sober, and ready to put his life back together. But both men are haunted by their pasts and they are soon set on a collision course that may destroy them and the women they love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gangster,   theft,   identity,  

When a drug deal turns into a bloodbath, a junkie-gangster crosses paths with an illegal alien. The illegal alien ends up with the gangster's ID and uses it to create a new successful life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chablis L (de) wrote: Original post date: 8.7.2005 I remember this book being an excellent read. One of those, "I know it's getting close to two o'clock in the morning, but I want to get through just one more chapter...and maybe just one more after that" kinds of books. I'm reading one of those right now. "The Historian." Up 'til three with it; I've already been to the drive-thru Starbucks for a venti cappuccino. I admit, I frequent Starbucks, because I can get a cappuccino to go. I guess I could stop in at the Italian restaurant down the street and order a cappuccino, but then I would have to brush my hair and get dressed and sit there with it, not smoking because you can't smoke anywhere anymore. I prefer throwing on a pair of shorts, zipping over to the drive-thru Starbucks, ordering my cappuccino and coming home to smoke a half pack of cigarettes with it. Plus, the people-watching while waiting in line is fantastic. 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I've found that when I read a book before seeing it executed on the big screen, I'm generally disappointed in the film. Books are wonderful things. I don't read as much as I should because I'm an extremely slow reader. I soak in every word, making images in my mind, sometimes going back to a previous chapter to remember something important. The Color Purple, A Room With a View, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Michael Crichton's Sphere especially...all books I prefer to the films. Add "Midnight" to the list. Clint Eastwood is a talented director, no question; but I think he tried to bite off more than he could chew with this film. The BOOK paints a wonderfully descriptive picture of Savannah, Georgia and its inhabitants. You become completely absorbed in the atmosphere, and for a few hours of reading time, you feel as if you're there, you know the characters intimately. A book has the luxury of space to tell its story; whereas, film is limited to several hours, unless you're as courageous as Peter Jackson, who understood that retelling a tale as sacrosanct as The Lord of the Rings requires the proper combination of reverence, balls, bankroll and time. "Midnight" the book introduced a wealth of characters, experiences, surroundings and impressions that united to create a whole. "Midnight" the movie is a disjointed mish-mash of confusing and uninteresting incidents and half-conversations. If The Book is a perfectly baked loaf of bread, The Movie is nothing but crumbs. A great deal of time is spent on The Lady Chablis. Yes, she's a curious character, and I delighted in reading about her; but watching scene after scene of The Lady Chablis when, in trying to determine what the focus of the movie is, you mechanically focus on the trial of Jim Williams, you ask yourself, "What is the point of her?" It's not like she sheds any revolutionary light on the relationship between Jim and that nasty Jude Law. She doesn't hold the key to the mystery; she's simply a curiosity. My mother made an interesting observation. She said that in the scenes between John Cusak and The Lady Chablis, Cusak always looks like he's keeping an arm's-length distance from her, like he's not quite sure what? this person he doesn't get it, and it makes him nervous. Minerva, the VooDoo priestess, comes off like a campy narrator in a local production of "Our Town." From her park bench in the opening scene, I fully expected her to break into: "Up here is Main Street, and here's the Town Hall and Post Office combined. First automobile's going to come along in about five years; belonged to Banker Cartwright, our richest citizen, lives in the big white house up on the hill." I can't stand it when characters merely laugh like they have some special insight that they're not going to share with the audience because that's supposed to make them "mysterious." I can see the script in my head: Minerva chuckles and nods. "Skylark" Up. Segue to slow C-U of graveyard. (snore.) The editing is weird, staccato. Incidents and conversations are cut off with no apparent resolution or point. They don't lead to the next scene; we go to something completely different, and about 10 minutes later, you're left wondering, "Well, what was the point of what he said back there?" or "Why did she have that look in her eye?" If this is some lame attempt to force the viewer into making his or her own assessment, it doesn't work. Eastwood, in his limited time frame, only gives us glimpses of the characters and environment that writer John Berendt fleshed out for us so beautifully in his novel. I love John Cusak, but his character is so bland, they could have propped up a cardboard cut-out of Cusak smirking in every scene and used his million-dollar salary to pay the catering bill. Jude Law apparently thinks that southern people always stand with their knees apart. I'm surprised he didn't ask for a pair of suspenders he could hook his thumbs through. Kevin Spacey as Jim Williams and Jack Thompson as his attorney were the only two mildly believable and somewhat intriguing characters in this film; and I think the only reason I was interested in Spacey was because he had a mustache. Sorry, Clint. You didn't make my day with this effort.

Corley J (es) wrote: I did want to like this movie so much the first 40 minutes were good setup and than the movie just stops ant nothing happiness for the rest of the movie the cast it great for what they have to work with and everyone talks like real people but just the fake that nothing happiness kills every good thing about this movie

KloDiana X (fr) wrote: Funny, sweet, cute and two wonderful actors. Definitely one of my favourite films

Ian Y (it) wrote: Pacing is fine, it's slow, but interesting. Middle class white male America set up for the draft probably makes the movie more accessible for people who can effectively change actual issues pertaining to the film.

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Nicole T (it) wrote: I remember this movie! One of my favorites as a kid.

Matthew J (fr) wrote: "Folks" is by the book slapstick comedy but still it's strangely entertaining.

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Andrew S (ca) wrote: When her father is killed in battle, the five year old Christina assumes the throne of Sweden. Twentysomething years later, Queen Christina is being pressured into a marriage with her cousin for the good of the state. Seeking some time away from the court, and disguised as a man, she runs into an emissary from Spain who is en route to see the queen. The two quickly become lovers, but must deal with the political ramifications of their union. This should all be a bunch of Hollywood hokum -- and it is -- but the sure-handed direction from Rouben Mamoulian and the luminous performance from Greta Garbo (in the title role) turn the film into something quite memorable. The final shot, in particular, is one of the most extraordinary in cinema history: a shot for the ages that guaranteed Garbo's immortality.

Tony B (kr) wrote: just watched this. and it is a fantastic movie. so much better than the remake, and I must say brooke shields is one of the prettiest actress I have ever seen

Critic M (au) wrote: MacGruber is silly and is an hour and a half action packed SNL skit. It has some funny jokes sprinkled throughout and offers some cheap laughs. Not bad for mindless entertainment, but nothing special. I'm surprised it got a green light to be produced.Goofy, stupid and entertaining, exactly what you'd expect from the cover/trailer.

Jeremy B (fr) wrote: Awful. They had a whole graphic novel to pick from and they ruined it. Watch the animated rated R version batman returns. I'd much rather listen to peter weller as batman. Ben Aflick sucks