'Idhayakkani' is the story of the kind-hearted Mohan (MGR) whose theory of life is 'equality' and who puts it in practice by sharing equally the income of his estate with his labourers. He has another passion - he wants to serve the country - and for that, he has joined the police force as an officer. He meets a needy girl, Lakshmi, and on the advice of and elderly domestic help, he permits her to stay in his house. Tongues start wagging and Mohan decides to marry the girl. However, his happiness is short-lived. He gets the shock of his life when he comes to know that his wife is involved in the murder of a leading scientist. What is the truth? Did Lakshmi murder the scientist or is she innocent. If so, then who is the culprit? How does Mohan go about finding the truth?

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1975
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Idhayakkani torrent reviews

Thom N (de) wrote: one of a rare set of documentaries that straddles the line between heartfelt and melodramatic, but never crosses it. a feel good, true story, filled with incredible characters. this is an enjoyable piece of film.

Michael C (fr) wrote: A gem of a drama film. An overlooked, under-rated really good thriller of a Denis Quaid & Tyrese Gibson film.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Awesome film. Cruise is a great hitman. See it.

Amanda J (br) wrote: Great historical and family drama about love, loss and truth. Katja Riemann is beautiful to watch.

Samantha A (mx) wrote: Cute film, Stephen Dorff is utterly adorable in this movie. Some laugh out loud moments put together with likeable characters.

Justin B (de) wrote: Dreadful romantic comedy with an unpleasant premise, zero likable characters and shockingly few laughs. The Farrelly's humor flew in the early 90's but it doesn't work anymore.

Niraj V (ca) wrote: A classic case of how some very good performances get overshadowed by a poor script.Abhinav Kashyap's much awaited follow up to the landmark Dabangg is a mixed bag. Expectations were running high, especially with Ranbir Kapoor's previous release, Yeh Jawaani Hain Diwani (which I haven't YET seen, believe it or not!!!) having set the cash registers ringing at the box office.I feel that this movie will struggle to break even, even though with the star power AND performances, it should have really done very well.Ranbir Kapoor is good, as usual, though I feel that he needs to perhaps take on a negative role soon, to really prove his versatility, but thats not to take away from his performance here. He plays the happy go lucky car thief with aplomb, and does his best to be the star of the show, but........................................He is totally outclassed by the double act of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh who play a husband/wife police officer combo. They are both outstanding in the portrayals and Rishi Kapoor's performance of "Badtameez Dil" will definitely win you over. The verbal jousting between the two is great, with impeccable timing, and the scene in the loo had me laughing real hard!!!!!Pallavi Sharda makes an impressive debut. She isn't camera conscious and seems fairly confident and I do hope that she is able to capitalise on this.Jaaved Jaaferi returns to the big screen after 2 years (Double Dhamaal was his last major venture) and plays the bad guy with sophistication and restraint, without succumbing to buffoonery as is wont in a comic caper as this one. You cannot help but ask yourself why isn't this man seen on screen more often!!!!! (Disclosure: Jaaved is a good friend, but my views are, as always, unbiased)The problem with the movie is two fold:1) The songs aren't that good and so they always seem to get in the way of the flow and make you go "oh no!"2) The script lets it down, so in the end this is a movie which is held together(quite well) by some great gags and one liners, though had some more thought been given to the writing, this would have been a good one.So, overall, I would say go and watch it, but do not expect a well told story, but enjoy the moments of laughter (and there are many) and come out of the theatre feeling that it was 2hrs 20mins that could have been spent in many more worse ways!!!!

Phil H (es) wrote: The third film by Hammer revolving around cavemen and women and occasionally dinosaurs. Before this was the first and most well known film with Harryhausen effects...'One Million Years BC', then came the sordid sounding 'Slave Girls'.I'm not overly sure why they made this film as its pretty much the same spiel as their first and best film 'One Million Years'. The plot is almost the same really, there is one tribe of caveblokes that are a bit sacrifice happy with their blondes and one tribe that are a bit more normal and haven't seen blonde haired women much it seems (yep blondes are a rare breed in these films). A sexy big breasted blonde escapes the nasty tribe and is found by the good tribe, there she falls in love with a cavebloke which upsets his other cavegirlfriend. The blonde is hounded and chased off but pursued by the nice cavebloke who loves her. All the while the bad cave tribe are also looking for the escaped blonde for some reason, all this leads to much death at the hands of dino's and a big tidal finale...for some reason.That is the plot but like the other films in this series its kinda tricky to follow it as everyone speaks in genuine caveman grunts. Yep its that approach again which Hammer really seemed to like back then, lots of scantily clad women with big breasts and a nonsensical dialog of grunts. Well actually the primitive language is suppose to be made up of genuine ancient dialect's of Phoenician, Latin, and Sanskrit sources, so I guess its quite clever really. Problem is all we ever seem to hear is 'akita' 'yo kita' and 'neecro', I swear if I hear one more damn caveman/women say 'akita' I will flip!!.For me this film is all about the dinosaurs, the plot is too similar, the acting is terrible and the dialog is annoying, only the big breasted cavewomen make it worth while. But the stop motion dinosaurs are awesomely done and actually look really good. The first thing I noticed was the movement on these models, its really really detailed and displays even the smallest skin movements. Sure they are a bit jerky when walking in full motion but their eyes and head movements are great, best example is the unknown dino that befriends 'Sanna' the blonde cavewoman.There are some other nice creatures too including some quite evil looking giant crabs, a nice sea monster moment, a bulky Chasmosaurus and a man eating plant hehe. Unfortunately they do spoil things by using dino footage from 'One Million', even worse they use crappy footage of two real reptiles with stuck on fins/scales fighting, no no no no.The films title is pretty cool, gets you interested and the idea is reasonable but they made 'One Million' four years prior so what was the point?. I just get the feeling they wanted to remake the Welch flick but with better dino effects. I'm not even sure which is better really, 'One Million' is more iconic of course but this has better model work and that's without Harryhausen!.Really I can only recommend this for the excellent dino stop motion models, if you are a Harryhausen/dinosaur/giant creature fan then you will enjoy parts of this film. The rest is complete dross and highly boring, there I said it.

Wil R (br) wrote: One of the funniest westerns ever

Doug M (jp) wrote: Not exactly upbeat but a compelling story with perhaps just a little bit too much sugar on the top. Some good acting alongside some lame performances. A good story well shot and overall quite credible .

Steve D (kr) wrote: intense cartoon with the return of the old JLA cast of voice actors. An interesting premise makes this better than most Justice league films.