Idi mi, dodji mi

Idi mi, dodji mi

Mary and Bob are moving into an apartment and the financial problems came to a crisis in their marriage. Affected Consumer fever neglect each other and the child. In addition, Zika and Milan persistently interfere in their lives.

Mary and Bob are moving into an apartment and the financial problems came to a crisis in their marriage. Affected Consumer fever neglect each other and the child. In addition, Zika and Milan persistently interfere in their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben L (it) wrote: As funny as Larry the Cable Guy is, and he is VERY funny, this is proof that only actors should act.

Dwight F (gb) wrote: What a freaking great movie! Billy Zane carries it , but Helfer and the rest of the supporting cast do just that; they support him well! Dennis Hopper doesn't even ruin it. It's the best I've seen of Hopper yet. It's just a wickedly awesome movie where telling you anything ruins it. See it!

Russell H (au) wrote: almost works as a not-so-bad-ass Terminator. starts off slow and stupid but brings some really cool action toward the end. Not bad.

Nikolai E (au) wrote: It's a bad movie and Bruce McDonald knows it, as evidenced by the companion film 'Claire's Hat' which I'm dying to see. (If you know where to get it, please God tell me) A singular road block on his career's hyperbolic path. It's bad enough to use unlikely coincidences to connect the necessary setpiece moments of a film, but it takes another kind of bad writing entirely when the film offers nothing but a series of chance meetings and occurrences for no reason other than to make you say 'hey, what a coincidence.' It's not like the film is themed around fate or the self-awareness of the universe or anything, it's all totally meaningless B-thriller schlock, things the most unambitious writer could string together without half so much blatant contrivance, but apparently this Semi Chellas person thinks stuff like that is cute. I will say though, the out-of-place split-screen effects paved the way for 'The Tracey Fragments,' which pretty much absolves this film completely. I'd mention it's all set in Toronto locations instantly recognizeable to long-time residents, but the film makes these places look so cold, gritty and unfriendly, it wasn't exactly a nostalgia trip. It just reinforces the fact that no one can seem to make a good film that's set here.

Jon A (mx) wrote: I like foreign films. I like art house films. However I also like good and interesting films, and this one is neither. Every thing I've seen written about it advertises the long takes....who f'ing cares if the takes are of people trudging along a path not saying a word to one another?! I guess I was more mad that this film being classified as horror. Perhaps as suspense....perhaps. When people call movies challenging, that is just a nice way of calling them boring.Anyone who said they were "captivated" or "in awe" of this movie is lying/a pretentious douche. Sorry, but it's true.

Chandler A (fr) wrote: Over the top performance by Eastwood leads to enjoyable film.

Al M (ag) wrote: Cobra Verde was the final film collabration between Werner Herzog and the brilliantly deranged Klaus Kinski, and it was the third film of the two to feature a historical narrative set (at leasr parly) in South America. Unfortunately, to me at least, Cobra Verde pales in comparison to Aguirre or Fitzcarraldo. As is to be expected from Herzog, Cobra Verde is shot on location and features a wealth of beautiful, striking, and powerful images. Cobra Verde is a powerful depiction of slavery, oppression, greed, and the desire to overcome. Indeed, the image of Cobra Verde attempting pull a boat into the ocean while the silhouetted form of a physically deformed individaul follows and watches him.Cobra Verde is ultimately a film about desire and the vicissitudes of fate that besiege any human attempt to order reality. Cobra Verde's almost nihilistic depiction of human activity in relation to larger forces is somewhat undercut by the film's rambling structure that makes it somewhat boring to watch in parts. The passionate drive of Herzog's other films gets a little lost in a film that never quite seems sure what it is trying to achieve.

Robbie V (us) wrote: A neat little punk movie

Deb K (ag) wrote: This movie was unique and very cool and great effects, but there was still not enough gore, and although filmed in an old insane asylum, wasn't an overall scary movie, it was kind of predictable.

Becky S (ru) wrote: This movie frustrates me, because it could have been a great movie - had it been done differently. It annoyed me more than any shocksploitation film I've seen. I don't think the story was dumb, but the way the director pulled it off was almost offensive. Firstly, I was really disappointed that there wasn't more detail about what it would really be like when waking up with amnesia. THAT part could have been very interesting, if the characters weren't incredibly dumb and hot-headed. Yes, I get there's a lot of rabid humans around, but realistically if you came across other normal people in that situation, I really feel like you wouldn't be hostile. And for the love of fucking Christ, there was no need to display the characters dealing with their anxiety with a FUCKING MONOLOGUE. If you're going to make characters have a monologue, at least develop it with all of the main characters.An interesting point I wish the movie touched on more: if a person has no memory of the horrible things they've done, do they deserve to be punished for it? Disappointing that they missed out on that, would have made the movie intriguing. Secondly, holy FUCK, the audience is not going to feel any emotion over a characters death that had NO DEVELOPMENT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE. There were maybe four scenes (if that) with the brother, he was 150% a flat and static character, and then when he dies this fucking sad piano music comes on and I'm supposed to feel upset about this??? I am one of the easiest to move with emotions and I laughed out loud during that scene. And then Jonah's dead kid being thrown in at the end, like, we didn't see any development of the child, let alone if the main character even gave a shit about his son. I don't have children, but I'm pretty sure if I realized my FUCKING CHILD was also alone in the apocalypse I would try to save him. The wife said she "remembered everything" yet didn't give a shit about her own child????? Seriously?The one star I gave is for the potential it could have had. Other than that, besides the decent budget they had and the production of it, it seems like a college kids project for a film class. And a sub-par one at that.

Douglas L (es) wrote: Okay, I know I am overrating this, but I genuinely enjoyed the movie. Stallone and Getty were really funny together if you ask me, they made a pretty good team. I also love how Sly and Arnold were jabbing eachother in their movies around this time. If you are a Stallone fan or a Golden Girls fan, you should watch this.

Andrew K (br) wrote: Imagine a movie that does everything wrong and you have an idea of what "The Cloth" is. Poor acting and delivery, zero character development, an abysmal plot, craptastic editing, bad cg, and zero originality. But the worst part is that it offends Texans and Catholics, both of whom are the target audience.