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Chanti who gets beaten up black and blue is rescued by a girl who takes care of him in the hospital, till he gets fine. He falls for this unknown girl. Will he ever find her and convey his feelings?

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  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Telugu
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Bethany E (us) wrote: That was an incredibly stupid movie with no point.

Dave W (ca) wrote: Jean-Claude Van Damme...with a denim on New Lance Henriksen from "Stone Cold"...directed by John Woo...with an appearance by Wilford Brimely. The amount of fire, gun shots, auto stunts, and right leg-only kicks in this movie are through the roof!! The set up, story, and character development are all just enough to keep the movie going without ever letting it get boring. One of the big lines is, "Tell me about the name chance." "Well, my mamma took one." I always wondered what exactly what that meant, but I assume it's either she took a chance and didn't get an abortion, or that she took a chance and slept with some random dude...maybe both. Either way, I thank her for taking that chance. This is one of those rare action movies that could have easily starred Brian Bosworth, but got away with the snub.

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Erin W (ru) wrote: If you don't like british literature/films this will be boring as hell and slightly depressing..your warned. Still a great film if you don't mind a slow one with excellent performances.

Benjamin W (ag) wrote: In a world where communism is really a threat to people's privacy, suspicion can drive you mad. Not only are you endlessly going over all your interactions with everyone you know, but you'll start to suspect those closest to you as well. This can build to a crescendo, until you actually find that you are being listened to.The lighting early on in this film is a great technique to build the suspense, which just adds to the insanity of communism.

Clay B (it) wrote: ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968)

Randy T (ca) wrote: How can you not love Randolph Scott and Lee Marvin???

Paul D (ca) wrote: A brilliant, satiric fairy tale for adults with a an unusual pacing that is key to the film's mesmerizing hold on us for two straight hours. The one false note is the series of outtakes at the end.

Jimbo S (br) wrote: Coincidentally, the film I watched before this was This Is England, about how the lives of a number of people are transformed upon the release of a disturbed person from jail. This flim, however, offers not enough depth to Turturro's character to explain his behaviour. This flim is a strange mixture, and whilst the setting (1960s Bronx) is interesting, and the acting good, I'm not really convinced by the story.

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