If I Die Tonight

If I Die Tonight

"No Justice!" "No Peace!" This rising chant from the streets escalated in answer to the seemingly endless incidents of police brutality throughout this great nation. Following the shooting of Amadou Diallo by 4 members of the NY City Police Department these chants rose from the streets by heartbroken and enraged voices. However, there are two sides to every story and the truth is often found where you least expect it. "If I Die Tonight" reflects on the lives and stories of those who survive on both sides of an impenetrable divide.

"No Justice!" "No Peace!" This rising chant from the streets escalated in answer to the seemingly endless incidents of police brutality throughout this great nation. Following the shooting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (nl) wrote: Slow-moving police drama which actually has very little plot to it - it's all about the thoughts and emotions that exist born out of the events we see. It's perhaps a little long in respect of what it is.

Alexander P (us) wrote: The power of L-O-V-E! Inspiring.

Chris H (de) wrote: An ok movie...interesting seeing Tera Reid in a movie again....whatever happened to her?

Nick M (br) wrote: Is this a great movie? No. But it stands out in our ocean of cynicism and bile. See it and rejoice in simple things.

Stephanie H (jp) wrote: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravan Florentin P (fr) wrote: dialogs are good. plot is shit

Christopher B (ca) wrote: One of Seagals better films - which is to say it is nearly as good as Jackie Chan's Hollywood flicks. We know who's gonna win, but there are moments when the viewer can be forgiven in thinking it will be a bittersweet victory as the baddies include Busey, TL Jones, and Colm Meaney.

Stuart K (fr) wrote: After the release of Enter The Dragon (1973), Warner Bros. hired it's director Robert Clouse, to do another kung-fu film immediately. Jim Kelly, who had made his film debut in Enter The Dragon, was given the lead role in this film. Despite being very much a product of it's time, and the fact that it has become unintentionally hilarious in places, the action sequences done in the film are quite well fought out. The Los Angeles Mafia, led by Don Steffano (Andre Philippe), have bought up a large plot of land, and are wanting to develop on it, but they're unable to as there was one building they're having trouble buying, a karate school run by Pop Byrd (Scatman Crothers), whose best student is Black Belt Jones (Kelly). To open the karate school, Pop Byrd had borrowed money from drug dealer Pinky (Malik Carter), who had in turn stolen the money from the Mafia. But it turns out the building belongs to Sydney (Gloria Hendry), not Pop Byrd. So when the Mafia bring in more men to get the karate school, Black Belt Jones puts up a fight to put a stop to this. It is an incredibly silly film, but it does have it's moments, including an unbelievable finale in an out of control car wash which proves that this is definitely a 70's film. Mixing Blaxploitation with the current Kung Fu craze that was sweeping cinemas at the time. Not all of it works, but it doesn't matter at all.

David P (kr) wrote: I guess I am the only one that likes this movie. If you read the reviews they are brutal. For me anyway this is one of the finest western I have ever watched. As a matter of fact I have watched this movie about 10 times. Pina Pellicer give a great performance...sadly she had a tragic ending in real life.

Serge L (us) wrote: I don't think that it is psychologically accurate but the film stands. Even after the reveal, we can play at who is the killer(s). It is a better slasher film. The actors are doing an excellent job with their identities. They are all looking very real. The film pushes the enveloppe nicely. The script at the end makes sense only in the realm of cinema, this is not reality. I wonder, and maybe it is possible, to have the same or similar ending that would be more true to reality. Would it give ideas to the devil?

Ross C (gb) wrote: The film just didn't really go anywhere, this could of been a modern day classic.

David L (nl) wrote: Ugh. If cutting down a 100 year old tree, drawing a penis on a rabbit in the children's library and drinking while intoxicated is what characterizes the youths of today, and to capture it on film to tell the story of teenage angst, this is a sad affair for the American youths of today. I get what the young Coppola is trying to say, and rightly so as she couldn't tell the same story as Sophia or her grandfather, just that there is not much story to go on here. The audience on RT gets it right this time.

Sonja G (ca) wrote: The movie was very disappointing. Poorly written, poorly acted and extremely boring and unspectacular.

AudreyKim H (mx) wrote: Paul Newman stars in another highly-watcable film about the decay underneath the gold-plated veneer of East Caost high society. Joanne Woodward shines as Newman's spoiled, vindictive wife.