If I Had a Gun

If I Had a Gun


Vlado, an intelligent boy living in a small village, has fantasies that take him away from his humdrum life. But as the Nazi occupation begins to encroach on the townsfolk his fantasies and reality begin to merge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean C (ca) wrote: Its odd that the running time here is an hour and twenty five minutes - the print I saw was just an hour and it suited that running time just fine. Costing just 545 dollars to make and starring just four people director Richard Bell makes the most of his meagre budget recognising that for the film to work there has to be dynamics between the characters and there are...a nice calling card for hopefully more work from him to come.

Afal S (jp) wrote: A Rich And Resonant Historical Romance, Though It Ends Up Feeling Incomplete Shyam Benegal is an international award winning film director who made his name in the 1970's with films, such as Anker (1974), that focus on controversial subjects involving the examination of fraught, complex social and cultural relationships. These films tend to concentrate on the lower rungs of Indian society. Zubeidaa is a refreshing update in this mode of film-making, as Benegal transfers his name-making qualities to a subject at the higher end of society. It is the story of a young man, Riyaz, who goes on a journey to discover what has happened to his mysterious mother, absent for as long as he can remember. What he discovers is reenacted in scenes set not long after independence, as the nave but headstrong young Zubeidaa is scandalized by her romance, and subsequent marriage to Prince Vijayendra Singh of Fatehpur, head of a grand Hindu ruling royal family. As a middle class Muslim divorce with a child by another man, her relationship with the Prince is naturally complicated by socio-political and religious factors. But not only does she become entangled in the politics of the royal circle around the Prince, particularly in her relationship with the Prince's first wife, Mandira Devi, she also gets caught up in the larger politics of India. The film is set during a time not long after Independence, a time of change and uncertainty for the traditional ruling class of India, which still laid claim to about a third of the country. Though it is clear that this film is much more than royal watching, having such a subject naturally supports a lavish treatment, which Benegal ably supplies, as well as making the film's content rich in nuance and resonance, handling its mature romantic storyline gracefully, and skilfully embedding it into its larger historical context. The characters are generally very well developed with empathy and without judgement or clich. The acting matches this. Karisma Kapoor captures the strength and naivety of Zubeidaa with aplomb, and Rekha is authoritative and understated as the enigmatic Mandira Devi. The only problem I have with the film is Zubeidaa's grown son, Riyaz. Riyaz is imperative to the film, since the viewer follows him on his journey of discovery. Seeing great characters through the eyes of other characters is a useful fictional device, most successfully utilised in Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby. Nick Carraway's character is revealed by his journey in discovering Gatsby. However, in Zubeidaa, Riyaz stays enigmatic while discovering his mother, and even, at times, comes across as anodyne, feeling more like a biographer looking into an interesting episode in history, not a son trying to find his mother. Rajat Kapoor, playing Riyaz, does not manage to rise above his character's failings. And so, unfortunately, the film ends up feeling incomplete.

Blake C (it) wrote: This movie is the worst out of all of its counter parts. This plot doesn't make sense at all, and the pacing drags at most times. This movie is complete garbage when compared to the original.

Florence (us) wrote: Em 1536, o alquimista Humberto Oganelli desembarcou em Veracruz, no Mxico. L ele criou um objeto de ouro chamado Cronos, que concede vida eterna a quem o detm. Quatro sculos depois, a queda de parte de um prdio gera algumas vtimas. Entre elas est um homem de pele estranha, alquimista. As autoridades localizam sua residncia, mas jamais divulgam o que encontraram no local. Aps uma rpida investigao, o contedo da manso leiloado. Com isso Cronos chega s mos de um vendedor de antiguidades que, acidentalmente, dispara seu mecanismo. De seu interior sai uma aranha, que injeta no corpo de seu portador um estranho lquido. Aos poucos ele percebe que seu corpo est rejuvenescendo, mas tambm passa a ter uma obsesso por sangue.

Brian R (de) wrote: Very entertaining, the perfect murder picture about the death of Sunny von Blow and how her husband Claus von Blow may have or may not have been the one responsible. Although to be honest, I didn't care who was the one responsible. What mattered was how the film was able to be darkly funny, intriguing and frank about the possiblities of the case. Ther performances are great. Jeremy Irons is very good as Claus von Bulow who has a drab voice and smokes his ciggs like a hardcore smoker. Ron Silver plays as von Bulow's lawyer Alan Dershowitz who believes von Bulow is guilty but agrees to defend him so von Burlow fund's Dershowitz defense of two poor black teenagers accused of capital murder. Dershowitz gets a bunch of law working students to help him in the case and it's amazing how they all work together. One woman wants out and feels von Bulow is a murderer while Dershowitz in a stunning scene explains why she should stay. Annabella Sciorra is sarah who plays as one of the law students and possibly Dershowitz's lover, is sharp and careful with her own facts. She tries to see things from a different angle. I also admired the narration done by Glen Close as the vegetative Sunny von Blow. It's erie just watching her play that role while narrating the story. I must say I did cringe when she played a vegetable in bed. "Reversal Of Fortune" is a great movie and an intelligent one. You can look at it as entertainment or one can have their own feelings on von Bulow and the trial. Again I didn't care if he did it or not but it was funny when he scared the cash register to buy him lots of insulin. He was just kidding of course.

Lars J (au) wrote: Inte det bsta av Anthony Manns och James Stewarts samarbeten men nd en bra och underhllande technicolor-western.

Colin E (ag) wrote: The problem with this movie lies in its transition from book to film. There's no denying, book and film, that Greg Heffley is a manipulative, self-absorbed 11-13 year old throughout the series. The difference between the book and the film is that the book makes Greg a likeable character, whereas the movie does not. I think the film is a very accurate adaption of the book, but it falls flat not because of the way it's transitioned, but because of the fact that it is an adaption of an anecdote.Greg does many things that would be considered selfish and manipulative. The book, however, uses Greg's personal accounts of the story, as well as his comical drawings, to fully flesh out and explain Greg's reasoning behind his decisions. His motivations and reasonings are very resonant with that of actual middle school students (panicking over small things, being self-absorbed, and the idea that Greg will be famous someday, exempting him from doing certain tasks), which makes him more relatable as a protagonist, and his actions are more forgivable. The humor for children comes from "Wow, I can see myself doing that" and for adults comes from "I would have done the same thing when I was his age if I could get away with it"The film does not, however, elaborate on this motivations or thought processes that are going through Greg's mind, at least not deeply enough for us to find humor in his chosen solutions for his problems. Instead, he comes off as just a jerk. This is a very accurate adaption of a children's book, but without the deeper look into Greg's psyche that the book provides, it's just not very funny. You definitely have to read the book first before watching in order to "get" any of the humor.

Ca M (us) wrote: I liked how they tried to base it in more realism.