If You Were Me

If You Were Me

Anthology film of six shorts by leading Korean directors. Park Chan-Wook, tackles racial prejudice and the economic exploitation of immigrant workers through the real-life story of a Nepalese woman in Korea. Jeong Jae-Eun, tackles the plight of a paedophile released into the community. Yeo Gyun-Dong, invites disabled actor Kim Moon-Joo to re-enact his most famous protest. Im Soon-Rye, goes for the engrained sexism of Korean men with superb wit and, Park Jin-Pyo, confronts the horror of children forced into oral surgery to improve their English-speaking ability.

Its an obvious truism that portmanteau features are always mixed bags, but this anthology of shorts by six leading Korean directors is more coherent than most largely because it was made ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quinn S (kr) wrote: Not to bad for a teen vampire movie

Joshua P (ru) wrote: This movie ties up too much at once out of necessity, this would have made for a very good half of a season paired with "Continuum's" story for the other half. It is okay and a more fitting wrap up to the show than the actual series final which fell very short.

Joseph S (ca) wrote: Takashi Miike considers, "Big Bang Love: A Juvenile Love Story of 4.6 Billion Years", his masterpiece, and while certainly his most intellectually and aeshetically challenging work to date, it falls a tad short, of it's epic aspirations. For a "love story" there's very little sex, love, affection, or romantic notions of any sort, there's an unstated attraction between the two characters, repressed homosexuality (one of the characters is apparently sexually assaulted by another man at the gay bar where he works, his subsequent revenge the reason for his imprisonment, but it's never shown on screen.) Had the box not mentioned "homo-eroticism" the sexuality of the characters would be impossible to tell for a good deal of the movie. That being said, this is really more of a murder mystery, whose end is kinda predictable early on. However Miike has grown somewhat as a director, largely the film takes place on empty stage like sets with only one or two objects in place, like a piece of absurdist theater. There's even an opening interpretive dance sequence, which though beautiful ranks up there with Miikes greatest WTF moments. Though some scenes resemble "Dogville" in their sparseness, there's also subtle use of special effects here, a small animated image of a man trying to escape and being burnt to a crisp, a computer generated impossibly colored sky, and the reoccurring images of the space ship and the ancient temple (the paths within and without). All of the bargain basement effects which Miike has utilized in the past, are integrated well here, from out of nowhere fight scenes, to awkward muted comedic moments of intimacy. So while the story alternates between aggression and tenderness somewhat awkwardly, the visual aesthetics of the movie, fill the screen and the eye with both space and discreet details (otherwise this probably be a two star affair, ratings wise.) If you like Takashi Miike movies, at their most experimental (Gozu, Izo, etc), this is essential viewing, or if you happen to be interested in abstract, philosophical, prison love, sci-fi, murder mysteries....and who isn't?

Ian C (kr) wrote: Re-watch. Quality over the top war flick. Name taken from the classic 1978 Fred Williamson classic and a cameo from its director Enzo G. Castellari. The opening scene is really intense and at times unbearable.Waltz in Hans Lander gives us one of cinemas most memorable villains. The basement scene is another great highlight. Soundtrack is immense with Tarantino giving great use of Morricone, Billy Preston 'Slaughter' theme tune and Bowie's Cat People. A serious twitch off Kruger and Laurent. Good cameo from Mike Myers and Fassbender's the balls.

Brad W (fr) wrote: This movie was going OK but at almost 2 hours in, I stopped it to see the running time and it's almost 3 hours!!! That's insane! It's not Titanic!! Anyway, it had potential, but that ruined it for me and I stopped watching.

jay n (mx) wrote: Ordinary western, slickly produced with an A-list cast far better than the script deserves. Beautiful color photography plus some nice location shooting although the actual locations make the occasional sets very obvious.

Hannah D (ca) wrote: Slightly overrated but still good

Jeff T (au) wrote: Abe + Zombies = Perfect

Dave C (nl) wrote: Not too good by the sound of things

Jay B (us) wrote: Still love it after all these years... way underrated if you ask this guy. To me... just as hip and refreshing as it was when I was 11.

Aidan H (au) wrote: Very underrated, amazing movie.