A web of intrigue and conspiracy lies beneath the euphoria as the U.S. is about to put a man on the moon for the first time in over thirty years

A web of intrigue and conspiracy lies beneath the euphoria as the U.S. is about to put a man on the moon for the first time in over thirty years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ignition torrent reviews

Chandler P (au) wrote: Horribly acted but friggin hilarious.

Juha S (fr) wrote: Complete and utter crap Stupid unimaginative plot, too much tits and poor acting not to mention the after the second part. This may me the weakest of the trilogy. Unimaginative plot. poor acting, and horrible CGI, like from the beginning of the 90s... Ugh, avoid at any cost!

Michael V (jp) wrote: This is a complete fucking mess. Even the attraction of Mathew McConaughey being shirtless all the way through can't help it one bit. Marked at 85 minutes but you get at least 10 minutes of credits. That's pretty lame. I expected some stoner comedy and teachings of the surfer's philosophy. I got none of that. Despite the claimed genre of comedy, this only barely qualifies. Aside from a few funny lines here and there, this is really not a funny movie. It doesn't even seem to be intended as such. Perhaps it was supposed to be a surfing movie instead, which it might have accomplished, if not for the remarkable lack of actual scenes involving people surfing. So I guess sadly Blue Crush remains the best surfer movie out there. Instead I got zero plot and a character who just wonders aimlessly. It's as if they gave him a bong and followed him with a camera. But hey, maybe I just don't have enough laid-back beach bum in me to appreciate something like this. It was after all a good-looking production, with good acting, lots of hot women in bikinis and lots without, and pretty beach scenery. But then again you can get that from an issue of National Geographic. So skip this one and don't look back.

Jamey B (us) wrote: It was okay. I liked it because I didn't see the first one and the concept was new to me. Now looking back, it certainly had alot of faults

Richard S (us) wrote: Testing the goodwill of even the most patient viewer, Trigger Man suffers from an offensively tedious opening 40 minutes. I persevered watching, hoping that it would become better and scarier. It didn't.

Nicolas B (es) wrote: Interesting little movie that was sadly overlooked. Instead of showing World War 2 for the 100th time, it focuses on the later consequences and manages to be funny and sad at the same time.

Stewie G (jp) wrote: In a movie like this, it'd be very difficult to progress a plot filled with over-the-top comedy in every scene. Albeit, "Mean Girls" is not something that's way more original or inventive than the average teen comedy... But, it does realistically, and cleverly, develop its many characters, with much help from its own, talented cast.

Danny H (ru) wrote: released 9 years after the first Beastmaster, which I regard as a classic, this film is just bad. Forgettable, silly, ridden with plot holes, stupid, nonsensical, and more important, Unnecessary. I would've loved for there to have been a decent sequel to Beastmaster, but Through the Portal of Time, is most certainly NOT the sequel I was looking for. Most say Conan the Destroyer was bad, well they haven't seen Beastmaster 2!