Igualita a mi

Igualita a mi

Refusing to face his adulthood, a Casanova must deal with the fact that he has a young pregnant daughter from an earlier relationship.

Refused to face his adulthood, a Casanova must deal with the fact that he has a young pregnant daughter from an earlier relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric G (fr) wrote: How does it feel to visit or live in Havana today? Seven directors give their impressions in seven separate segments, including Benicio del Toro. It's often a challenge for films like this to create some coherence and have enough time to develop interesting stories and characters. In addition, Cuba is a highly charged topic with expectations of a political commentary. Here the latter is barely addressed directly, although always present in some form or another. The segments are not of equal interest or quality but they overall paint an interesting and impressionistic story of Cuba and Havana in particular. Some common themes emerge across all segments. The Santeria (the traditional cuban syncretic mix of christian and african religious practices) is shown in fascinating ways. Emir Kusturica plays himself in one of the segment. There is constant humour running through most of the segments. Interesting if you are attracted to Cuba.

Jason L (mx) wrote: An eye-opening, somewhat depressing documentary that for the most part succeeds in drawing the viewer into the world of the Haitian slums. The two gangleaders are incredibly compelling characters, and their love triangle with a UN aid worker is subtle, yet affecting. There are no easy answers regarding the situation in Haiti, but Ghosts goes a long way towards at least attempting to explain the factors that lead to such societal violence.

Bengel W (au) wrote: A charming fairy tail that is well written and aimed at the family audience. The Victoriana sets are a delight and full of fun making for a hilarious background. The actors are genuinely amusing and this comes out in the precarious sensibilities of the situations. Music is sensuous with the photography capturing the oddment of the characters well. Nibbles: Ice cream and Jello.

Allan C (br) wrote: There are some germs of a good movie in the basic set-up and mythos of the Boogeyman being real and haunting the now adult Barry Watson. However, this film is all noise and fury, and lacks any real chills or suspense. Director Stephen Kay, who brought you the abysmal "Get Carter," once again relies on over directing the film in place of focusing on characters or telling an interesting story. There are some jolts there and there, and that's really one of the cheapest types of horror movie scares, but this film really has nothing to offer horror movie fans.

Cody F (us) wrote: After 8 years of waiting, THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 is finally here and it's better than the original!

Jeremy S (ag) wrote: A mess and more evidence that the cast of friends are overrated actors...it's all aobut the writing on that show

Tom E (es) wrote: It's fairly predictable, with a few good moments.

Harim K (au) wrote: unusual point of view with a german p.o.w. who ends up spying for the allies with a strong conviction and a clear sense of purpose elusive to most allied soldiers

Daniel K (gb) wrote: 2.5: Classic Cagney, complete with more than one slap and push of a dame's face (most of the women in Cagney's films are dame's rather than ladies). It isn't as shocking as having fruit pushed into a dame's face, but it still works. For the most part, Cagney either played bad guys, or bad guys gone good, but finding it difficult to do so. This is the latter of the two. I'm not sure if the term paparazzi was used back then, but that's essentially what Cagney's character seems to be.