Ik kom wat later naar Madra

Ik kom wat later naar Madra

A conscript is given leave to visit his wife who has been admitted to hospital after a road accident.

A conscript is given leave to visit his wife who has been admitted to hospital after a road accident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ik kom wat later naar Madra torrent reviews

Alex S (nl) wrote: It's got style and accomplishes what it means to, but Black Dynamite is too cheesy for its own good and, even with its short run time, it feels rather boring.

CJ C (kr) wrote: Pretentious, strange & funny... gay zombie sex, yummy lol.

Max D (jp) wrote: Amazing Israeli film ..only way to describe it

ClaRita C (it) wrote: The beginning of reality TV I guess.

eddie b (ru) wrote: The last of the trilogy is very dark and difficult to watch.

Vincent T (us) wrote: A hidden gem from Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. Crazy absurdist humor along the lines of Run Lola Run and Pulp Fiction. Well-made character study and unlike his more artsy take on his films, this one's his most fun one at that.

Gabriel L (us) wrote: Ok... special film... very special...I liked it though. Quite shocking, but it has a very original story. Came from a great movie idea.

Hunter D (us) wrote: This was a good movie but not a great movie, it's a typical hollywood suspense movie, you be the judge, i say rent it but don't buy it.

Ed A (nl) wrote: it is not as bad as it looks

Alec B (es) wrote: As dumb as the first one, but it lacks the pacing and visual design that made the original tolerable.

Paul K (jp) wrote: Pretty good. Can be read primarily as a feminist paean, but is also a commentary on the prevailing mores of the period; and a dispassionate observation of a the process by which a bystander becomes radicalised - applicable to recruitment to any human group, be it Jehovah's Witnesses, the Tory party, or Islamic State. Some good acting from the usual suspects. Brendan Gleeson is excellent, and Carey Mulligan is developing nicely here. It's all a bit too clean, but does evoke the period. The epilogue, in the final credits, make clear the the UK wasn't the first to adopt universal suffrage, and that the process of achieving equality is far from complete. The events in the movie are thus presented as a snapshot of an episode rather than a grand tipping point. The actual human drama is moving and adds emotional clout to what is primarily a history lesson.

Aidan C (mx) wrote: A terrible film with some creativity in it. I would not recommend it, though. It's not a so bad it's good film, it's just TERRIBLE.