Ik omhels je met 1000 armen

Ik omhels je met 1000 armen

After a death in the family turns his world upside down, an introverted young novelist struggles to maintain his relationship with his successful girlfriend.

Rising, rather autobiographical novelist Giph has a hot girlfriend, doctor and model Samarinde. His crude, domineering and progressive mother Ria's suffering an incurable decease in which ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ik omhels je met 1000 armen torrent reviews

Mario B (kr) wrote: had to watch after watch trost's new film known as all superheroes must die...not as good but definitely has laughs but is way over the top. produced by drafthouse films this was definitely one of those to be drinking and eating food at the theater

Judge L (mx) wrote: Great look into the life of screenwriters. Highly recommend this one to anyone who is an aspiring screenwriter, or just appreciates the art of writing screenplays.

(ca) wrote: Light and sweet and made with love, just like my sister's mango mousse. I found this film entertaining and rewarding. Zacc is a well drawn character and solidly acted. Although the characters around him tend to be somewhat cliched, I didn't find this off putting, as it allows the story to skim lightly over areas that would otherwise be too complex and heavy, given the plot and the long timeline of the story.

alfine r (gb) wrote: funny and action movie

Jyoti Prakash M (kr) wrote: Forget the movie, one of the greatest fucking credit-sequence songs ever!

Matthew M (de) wrote: This is where the Rocky series gets a little goofy, but there are some things that will make anybody that has only seen the first Rocky movie, that will surprise them

Andrew H (us) wrote: What do critics know? This is the movie that made me love Gerard Butler. For those who love vicarious vigilantism, this is your film.

Phil H (de) wrote: Another zombie flick, oh...great, but wait! this one is different, its about a zombie falling in love with a female who's still alive...wait what? Yes that's right the zombie in this flick is the undead hero and goes after a young girl saving her life. He then goes about looking after her and trying to woo her for her affections, yeah it does sound kinda sick doesn't it.OK so the plot is pretty unique I give it that, its original to see a zombie flick from the zombies point of view. This still doesn't alter the fact its an incredibly silly idea and amazes me it actually got the green light. The start of the film is actually quite good as we see zombie life, the kinda things we all know from zombie horror flicks of the past here presented in a mundane way, daily undead routines. Its got a nice quirky light feel to it, a horror comedy that really got me hooked I must admit.Things do get a bit daft as the zombies try to communicate, as narrated by our hero zombie, we hear his thoughts throughout. Its at this point you're thinking this is why no one has done this before, its ridiculous. The film goes up a gear of course once our zombie meets his girl and sweeps her off her feet. Its also the start of many many plot and idea issues. Not that I'm surprised seeing the content of the film, you know not to expect a completely coherent storyline.Why do the zombies seem to shuffle along yet in flashbacks they run? why do bonies run so well? why do bonies all look exactly the same? why do bullet hits anywhere kill bonies yet zombies need one in the head? how do the zombie masses manage to recover/come back to life? we know it was some kind of biological/viral outbreak that has killed everyone and turned them into zombies. But how would the body recover from this when its been clinically dead for a long period of time? decaying, no heartbeat.Its funny how the zombies are suppose to be completely brain dead (including our hero) yet still manage to speak, think, act etc...At the start when the girl is taken by our hero zombie she can escape at anytime quite easily. All she has to do is run off because the zombies only shuffle around, plus she accepts so easily that she's been captured. Anyone else would have smashed his brains out at the first chance they got, and she gets many. Also why did the other zombies believe she was dead? just because he smeared a tiny bit of zombie blood on her face?? really?I could go on but I won't simply because its a very easy film to pick apart, but its not suppose to be a thinker. Its a silly zombie flick with a twist and leaning towards comedy, I won't say romance because its just too stupid. Yes the inevitable comparison to 'Twilight' lingers in the air but its not really like that, yes our hero zombie is an Edward type of character with lots of pretty blue eye close ups but he doesn't sparkle. The female 'love' interest is not like Bella either, its not that sappy thank god, although she does kiss him whilst he's still undead (seconds before he is revived), so is that soft core necrophilia?Nicely original apart from the whole zombie apocalypse/last remaining humans in barricaded city stuff, and I liked the undead bonie zombies. Its not overly funny nor is it overly slushy and wet, its not scary but its not for kids either, it hangs somewhere in between. Had this been a tad more adult, had a bit more dark gallows humour, it could of been in the same league as 'An American Werewolf', but it holds its own.

Stephen B (mx) wrote: Probably the worst film I've ever seen. Coppola seems to have lost all his talent in this 'concept' movie. He should leave this kind of thing to David Lynch and return to the masterful film making he should be known for. Avoid at all costs (cost me three quid in Asda and that was too much). Oh, and it is not at all scary.