Il bambino di Betlemme

Il bambino di Betlemme

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Eduardo S (fr) wrote: A little candle of hope in the seemingly endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Must be seen for its human content.

Stephen L (de) wrote: I often wonder if the professional critics that review some of these movies have a skewed point of view from having seen too many movies. It also seems that every movie with a gay theme seems to draw unwarranted critical acclaim. This film explores the important, almost taboo, subject of the don't ask don't tell macho culture of the US military but from an entertainment perspective it was a big yawn. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Karen W (de) wrote: Edison Chen was great in the movie, but once it got half way through the movie, I had to stop it and remind myself that I was watching the same movie.

Cindy M (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. Suspenseful, creepy, and it actually broke my heart a little., I thought the acting was great. Boo to any horror movie snobs that would snub this movie

Andrew (it) wrote: An extra star for this one.

Phillipa D (fr) wrote: loved it!! very accurate.

Mitchell M (jp) wrote: Chilling, meticulous and with a remarkable grasp on the time period, David Fincher's "Zodiac" is a lengthy yet intriguing thriller that presents the real life events with a subtle, documentary-like style.

Private U (nl) wrote: A must see. Very touching.

Amanda K (fr) wrote: Something must have been in the air in 1996. Whether it was a pervasive cloud of high-powered hallucinogenics or simply a lust for the grotesqueries of a surreal and ultimately absurd brand of violence we may never know, but there is certainly something to be said of the inexplicable affinity between Lloyd Kaufmann's Tromeo & Juliet and Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. It is not only the shared Shakespearian source text that marks these films as brothers, but their late-Twentieth Century treatment of the timeless tragedy which sets them both in a fast-paced, drug-addled urban dystopia replete with all the indecency and iconoclasm that we post-moderns have come to love so well. And yet, despite their similar MTV-oriented soundtracks and contemporary cultural allusions, the films' intended audiences couldn't be more different. In many ways the R-rated manifestation of Luhrmann's teen drama, Tromeo & Juliet foregoes the misty-eyed tenderness we associate with Shakespeare's original and offers in its stead a conglomeration of campy gags and softcore porn. If you found Luhrmann's version lacking in vulgarity, then Tromeo & Juliet is the film for you.As with all of Troma's films, nothing is sacrosanct. Preserving the crux of the Bard's original, Tromeo Que remains the lovelorn doter whose capricious affections light upon the betrothed daughter of his mortal enemy, Cappy Capulet, yet Troma takes its liberties by expanding characterizations and contexts. The family feud begins with Cappy's successful ploy to purloin the Silky Films porn company from his once dear friend Monty Que. Chaos and hilarity ensue as Monty falls into a state of alcoholic decrepitude, and the Que boys seeks their vengeance in a string of barbaric atrocities. Meanwhile, Tromeo remedies his love's rejection-by the aloof and scantily clad Rosy-with a sudden intractable yearning to shag Juliet everywhere from a giant glass cage to the backrooms of a church. Juliet remains imprisoned in the extravagant Capulet manor, albeit by an incestuous and unscrupulous father whose dealings with his daughter take the form torture porn. If our heroin is to subvert the unsavory future her father holds for her-and live happily ever after with her Tromeo-she must not only conquer Cappy, but also break her engagement with a goofy and self-mutilating meat mogul and forsake her erotic relationship with Ness, the family cook.Tromeo & Juliet is undoubtedly a purist's hell. Ironically, though, this black comedy of epic proportions finds a way to recapture the theatricality and bawdy titillation that drew Elizabethans to the theatre in droves. Spontaneous and outrageous fight scenes featuring such unlikely weapons as bobby pins and paper cutters supplant the exhilarating swordplay that would have animated Shakespeare's rowdy throng, and the Bard's famous penchant for fart jokes remains a crowd pleaser. Most offensive to the so-called defenders of Shakespearian purity, no doubt, is the film's pornification of the inviolable teen lovers. And yet, between all the scenes of masturbation, between all the squirming of bare bodies and shots of unfettered breasts, a careful observer will detect the soft, hearty chuckle of the Bard as he watches his ribald verse come to life. What the film does most pointedly is offer to cinemagoers a refreshed and updated version of a classic which allows Twentieth Century viewers the delight of accessing the Elizabethan milieu, and renders each a raucous groundling cheering and gaping with shock at the action on stage.

Patrick W (fr) wrote: This is a very underrated comedy. Fraser, Buscemi, and Sandler play 3 metal band members looking for their big break but are denied by every record label so as a last ditch effort, they go to a radio station to get their demo played and when the DJ refuses to play it, they take everyone hostage. Buscemi is hilarious in this film and Sandler plays off his "cute dumb guy" character. The story has other little dramatics with it that make the story not only focused on the 3 main characters which is good. Like I said, very underrated and worth a watch especially if you grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Mike M (gb) wrote: Mildly-amusing 80s horror anthology featuring appearances by Deborah Harry, Steve Buschemi and Christian Slater. While no tale stands especially strong, highlights include a decent murderous mummy and SFX puppet-gargoyles. Plays more like a cable movie than theatrical release. For horror aficionados (and completists) only.

Poul F (ag) wrote: Well acted and executed even if its uneven and sometimes cheesy.

Patrick D (jp) wrote: Now this is somewhat of a low rating for a favourite, but even though I don't think the film is the greatest piece of cinema, it doesn't it can't be my favourite. What really makes this worth while is it's sheer uniqueness and rawness. For any fan of John Waters, you can tell that in this film , he's not holding back. You can tell that as a young filmmaker he's not yet comfortable with the medium, but he really is getting there, and it has amazing Waters staples in it that you'll see reappear in his later works, but others you'll never see again. The structure drags at time but it's a pretty lean movie so it doesn't become boring, and kind of lends itself to a greek tragedy of sorts. So basically, this is will not blow you away in filmmaking, but it will blow you away in just experiencing John Waters un-restrained.

Ken (nl) wrote: Very funny. Possibly Devitos and Piscopos shining moments as movie stars. Too many quotes to type them all. Thank you Mr. Acavano

Matt P (us) wrote: Pure Saturday Sci-Fi b-movie Matinee material. Creepy fun for the kid in you.