Il boom

Il boom

During the economic boom of Italy a man tries desperately to maintain a high standard of living for his family.

During the economic boom of Italy a man tries desperately to maintain a high standard of living for his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilufer R (kr) wrote: Wow I had no idea that this was a brand new movie and it was highly liked by everybody. I kind of enjoyed it but it wasn't like a funny movie or a romantic one, it was just somewhat sexy. I liked Emily Hampsire though. Nothing extraordinary, just a way to spend 100 minutes.

Kirk H (ru) wrote: Anything with Rosie O'Donnell in it has got to suck! The women can't act or sing! I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone!

Aidan H (br) wrote: Awesome, epic battle between a feral cage boxer and a sadistic cop who makes Dirty Harry seem like a goodwill ambassador. Every one gets a brutal beating, usually deservedly so, and the finale is as daring and visceral as anything I've seen since the days of Sam Peckinpah. Shot in colours ranging from blood clot reds and urine greens to vomit yellows, the cinematographic set-pieces, including one in a land fill site,were grainily-filtered like a spaghetti western or a samurai noir. Like a blood-soaked opera, the levels of hatred and violence pile up like the bodies while the unveiling of the truth behind the cop's hero father's shooting was an interesting sub-plot. One of the best Chinese crime movies I've ever seen and one I'd recommend, even to those unfamiliar with the genre. Grand, spectacular and moving. Excellent.

Lovro H (it) wrote: _REWATCH REVIEW_I have loved this movie ever since it came out, and seeing it again now it reminded me how kids movies can also be very, very disturbing! The story is very interesting and there are some interesting twists and turns along the road. The voice-acting is great and the characters are all witty and amusing (except Bones). The cops who come and "inspect" what's going on with the house are the funniest in the movie, and even with that little screen time, they manage to pull out some of the movie's best jokes! The animation is excellent and I really love how the angles are. Sometimes it almost seems as you are watching a live-action horror movie, only animated. It's a movie that will probably scar kids at young age, but can be enjoyed and loved by all ages. I love this kind of animated movies the most, like Paranorman, Coraline, Corpse Bride etc. etc. All in all, one of my most favourite animated movies that won't ever get boring, and I deffinetely would recommend you check it out if you haven't already!

Adnan A (nl) wrote: Good and overcomes stereotypes

Linda L (us) wrote: This half a star is for the effort, and I did laugh for like 20.6 seconds. Its bad, I mean really bad, almost so bad that its fun. I'd probably laugh more if I was more into gory slpattermovies but thats not my cup of tea most of the time. But if like those kind of movies I recomend u see this one. You wont get dissapointed. If someone ask you to see it just say "soon my love, soon"

Nathaniel H (gb) wrote: Hilarious film that sparked a fantastic comedian's career.

Walter C (jp) wrote: Ray Harryhausen did the stop motion special effects which are amazing. The other actors in the film are doing what you expect in a 50's sci-fi film, giving so-so performances while spouting silly lines.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: i didn't even know this one was out there, but absolutely loved it when i first saw it. one of the great "undiscovered" films with one of the most underappreciated actors in film history, senor mister rains.

Grant W (fr) wrote: It suffers from an odd confusing way of telling Brown's life story, as well as being overly pretentious, but the filmcrew's love of his accomplishments shines through, creating an admirable, but not great, biopic of this undisputed legend.

Jonathan (au) wrote: For an older 60s horror/sci fi flick it wasn't too bad. The ending scene was classic, all in all one of Cormans better efforts.

Veer G (mx) wrote: Quentin Tarantino can blend action, humor and drama all in one genre.