Il bosco 1

Il bosco 1

The story of a hideous monster who takes the form of a beautiful, seductive woman who in a torrent of special effects, beauty and monster transform into a climax of pure evil. For years ...

The story of a hideous monster who takes the form of a beautiful, seductive woman who in a torrent of special effects, beauty and monster transform into a climax of pure evil. For years ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Il bosco 1 torrent reviews

Nikhil P (mx) wrote: the movie is for stupid emraan hashmi fans... :P

Jonny P (br) wrote: "Faubourg 36" infuses delightful musical numbers into the movie without turning it into a musical. Without question "Loin de Paname" should have won the Oscar for best song over that country song from Crazy Heart. Throw in "Le mome Jojo" with a cute kid playing an accordion and you won't be able to resist this movie's soundtrack. While Gerard Jugnot and Kad Merad successfully bring life to their characters, the highlight of this film is an enchanting performance by Nora Arnezeder. Whenever she exits a scene, you will find yourself holding your breath as you wait for her to again brighten the screen with her electrifying smile. The French setting and idea of bringing this theater to life might make you think "Moulin Rouge" but this movie manages to feel NOTHING like it while still leaving you just as satisfied in the end.

Madhuri D (ru) wrote: Subject is good (daring). Sanjay Suri's acting was award-winning! He really went into the character...losing weight to look like HIV patient, shaving his head bald. Sweet relationship between bro-sis in the movie makes the movie worth watching.

Adam R (jp) wrote: A decent thriller that keeps you interested. It's carried well by Al Pacino, but I didn't always care for the film style. (First and only viewing - Late 2008)

Lee M (ru) wrote: Morvern Callar not only attempts to reveal an interior life, usually the province of novels, but also focuses on the interior life of a woman who refuses to open up to anyone.

Tom B (it) wrote: A clunky but lighthearted spoof - good for an evening when you want to lighten up a little. It's a bit macabre, though, so be prepared for funeral jokes.

Tamsin R (jp) wrote: Quirky, surreal and an unusual hollywood movie

Luke B (ca) wrote: Paul Newman and Lee Marvin. One hell of a team. Directed by frequent Newman collaborater Stuart Rosenberg (of Cool Hand Luke fame). Endearing and funny.

Kong L (es) wrote: "BLAND | GENERIC | MEDIOCRE | SUSPENSE | TEDIOUS" (33-out-of-100)

Philip G (es) wrote: Pretty funny: Yul Brynner is supposed to be Tony Curtis' father. At least the ending was unexpected. The world is not made out to be so simple as most movies of its era tended to be. A must see!

Asif K (us) wrote: not interested at all ....

Elena S (es) wrote: i don't think that i can stand to watch it ...

O S (kr) wrote: Funny moments nothing great but then this movie was made for women in the 80s to have a hard-on for Pauly Shore.

Michael B (fr) wrote: Not the best of the Dirty Harry movies

Stephen C (gb) wrote: Underated and thats a shame as Walken is very good here as a mercenary for hire who becomes embroiled in African politics. Walken plays Shannon a gun for hire who's latest mission could get him killed even before he gets it off the ground. The film shows Shannon building his team and his gear for the final raid on a heavily fortified compound. It was when watching the raid i realised i has seen something similar in The Expendables right down to the dealy grenade launcher that Walken uses during the raid. The film also features Tom Berenger as Shannons gung ho number two .Colin Blakely as a helpful journalist and Paul Freeman as one of Shannons men. The film does get a little lost in the middle part ,but on the whole the film delivers enough slam bang action in its final third to keep the interest high. A well crafted and interesting war film with a fine political edge.