Il castello del terrore

Il castello del terrore


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1922
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Il castello del terrore torrent reviews

Tim C (mx) wrote: Remarkable. I'd pick this movie as the "must watch" documentary of the year. It's gutsy as hell, really hilarious in parts, and mostly just fascinating. If you own any diamonds, you're going to feel guilty as hell after watching this.

Eric J (us) wrote: 86 minutes long - and the last 10 minutes is the credits. Bleh - what a rotten flick. They needed to spend more money on the writing.

Joe R (mx) wrote: A simplistically brilliant film enlivened by Nick Nolte in a staggering turn that approaches self-parody, but is nonetheless humanizing. Explores emotional distance while not only avoiding any heavy-handedness but also having several genuinely funny moments. One of my favorite recent movies that no one's seen.

Gary R (kr) wrote: I don't know what to call this movie. I would call it awful but not describing how terrible this movie really is.

Mark L (fr) wrote: Has all the makings of a Hitchcock movie. Loved it.

james f (es) wrote: bad movie and unfunny

Lee R (es) wrote: Depressing but compelling story.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: A masterpiece, plain and simple. DeNiros commitment to playing this completely unsympathetic character is really affecting and so impressive.

Kyle M (nl) wrote: One of Fellini's earliest films, I Vitelloni. A year in the life of a seaside town, the story follows a pack of boys who talk of love, of life, and of leaving said town. Mostly, however, it is the story of a young man (likely Fellini) who witnesses his sister impregnated by his best friend and subsequently marries him. The friend is a born lecher and makes no effort to conceal the fact from his wife's brother. There are some festive scenes in the film and as Ebert points out, this is indicative of the Fellini to come. While not the first of his films I would suggest to people coming into Italian Neo-realism, it is a good film and surely one to watch if you love the director.

Jarkko H (br) wrote: About a Boy is a wonderful story about a boy who has had problems in school, and begins to play the role convincingly cast as Hugh Grant's loafer children. After the mother's attempted suicide begins presented by Nicholas Houltin Marcus-son toss with Grant. The plot runs like clockwork, and it makes the movie good. One of the best British films that I have seen.

Harman B (ag) wrote: Someone please make a sequel to this! It's been 11 years T_T

Riccardo R (it) wrote: Questo film ha un po' deluso le mie aspettative e raggiunge a stento la sufficienza. Nonostante la trama sia interessante e alcune sequenze siano davvero suggestive, il susseguirsi degli eventi piuttosto caotico e le vicissitudini degli astronauti sono spesso troppo inverosimili ed inspiegabili. Peccato.La cosa che mi piaciuta di pi, sono i colori di questo film: il grandioso e sfavillante bagliore del Sole in contrasto con il buio e freddo spazio, e a separare queste due situazioni c' lo scudo termico della astronave. Ottima trovata.