Il cosmo sul comò

Il cosmo sul comò


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Il cosmo sul comò torrent reviews

Maria (br) wrote: =) Reminds me of the film She's The Man lol

Nikola S (br) wrote: It practically screams B production, but it does have some funny moments.

Miral K (it) wrote: very nice movie... i encourage to all to watch this movie you'll never regret...

Robert G (us) wrote: Such potential - wrecked by poor and disjointed writing.

Nikhil M (mx) wrote: The character of Savannah played by Bridgette Andersen is very cute and given the circumstances well acted too. But its the story where it falters with the last half an hour bringing something to cheer about in the movie.

Mackenie S (gb) wrote: A very charming comedy. Gregory Peck jumps out of his serious shell, and Lauren Bacall is as funny as ever!

Julianna C (br) wrote: The absolute worst movie I have seen in a long time. It tried to force humor that was never there. I have seen a lot of disappointing movies in my day but this one takes the cake. What a waste of time. Its two hours of my life I can never get back.

John C (au) wrote: Great movie starring Arnold Stang. That's right. This is before he became famous. His accent was so thick I couldn't understand some of his words. The original version they actually dubbed his voice with another actor, but then went back later and added his in when he became more famous.

Ty N (mx) wrote: Steven Spielberg delivers a masterpiece giving full light in yet it's darkness restoring the World War II genre.