Il dialogo di Roma

Il dialogo di Roma


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Marta R (nl) wrote: You know the drill, action packed... but soooooo predictable.

Andre M (ru) wrote: Quite an interesting life Mr. Takei has led so far. His joy of life is infectious and his smile makes you smile.

James C (de) wrote: This is a memorable movie that exposes the bewilderment of talented people who skills have been sidetracked by desires that don't obey logic -- a brave journey into the underbelly of being human.

Dr M (es) wrote: its a excellent movie, come on!! u have to watch te gusta el espaol apoya el talento Colombiano, es poderoso.....

Shee J (au) wrote: The most frustrating documentary I have ever watched in my life.

Ethan j (ru) wrote: Vera: [yells] ANYBODY IN HERE?The Home Alone series should have ended after Home Alone: Lost In New York. Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern are the only ones that can ever play Kevin Mcallister, Harry, and Marv. This was a pile of dog crap. It had no new jokes, the actors didn't do well at all, and the "Macaulay Culkin look alike and sound alike" didn't look like him at all or sound like him either. What a craptastic job by Rod Daniel. There was no point of this movie's creation. The funniest part was watching how the burglars (Especially "Marv") were absolutely clueless to the traps.

Tanner S (ca) wrote: Crap! Not that again!

bill s (es) wrote: One too many times into that breach.....Tiiiiirrrrred.

Todd S (kr) wrote: Horror movies like this one really drive me crazy, because it sounds good, the previews are great, and when you sit down to watch it you find that the characters are so unbelievably stupid, that the film has no credibility what-so-ever. What happens when eight friends at a party get tired of drinking? Just like anyone else, they wind up going into a store room and using a Ouija board to contact the dead. In their ignorance, they forget to close the portal to the other side, and a demon escapes intent on hunting them all down. Las Vegas's Marsha Thomason stars and pretends to be some kind of spiritual expert, when in reality she doesn't know shit. She is this whiny, annoying, know-it-all who I couldn't wait to see get her head chopped off. The rest of the cast isn't much better, as most of them just blindly follow her lead. To avoid this demon's rage, what do they all decide to do? Stick together in an old house, a good idea, but of course they can't stay together in a room forever, and that's when the demon starts picking them off one by one, in textbook slasher fashion. When you have a ridiculous story, combined with no background information, and a cast of characters that makes the cast of Duck Dynasty seem smart, what you get is a film that is beyond terrible. If there was some humor or even a break from the main story, maybe parts of Long Time Dead wouldn't have been so bad, but this film is pure garbage from the drunken night out to the bloody end.

Joan I (ag) wrote: Lawless Medellin, Colombia, is seen through the eyes of an aging homosexual writer with a gangbanger prostitute and, their growing affair. The movie is so well done that pederasty is a moot point, their relationship blending with the decaying ambiance of the culture. One critic compared the two lovers with Dante and Virgil.

Ginny (it) wrote: I wonder... if this is actually worth a watch??? Comments? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? Whos seen this??

Tim H (mx) wrote: Don't remember much about it except that I kept checking my watch to see if it was over yet.

Esther S (ru) wrote: I can't believe it! I found GOLD in a Walmart Clearence bin! YAY!

Zane U (br) wrote: Examining the crossroads of second generation Chinese-Americans as they grapple with the heritage of their parents and the American culture of their friends, FLOWER DRUM SONG pays appropriate respects to both sides of the argument, crowning neither perspective as correct. The cast consists only of Asian and Asian-American actors, which is refreshing to see, and secured my crush on Nancy Kwan, despite her character being light on moral fiber and female independence. I feel it's profoundly important that the film, produced in Hollywood, doesn't demonize Eastern tradition, yet I feel like the film made the characters themselves polarized in their behavior, existing as either "Asian" or "American," with the rare character who reconciles both identities being shunned by the man she is interested in. Still, like THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG, I believe that FLOWER DRUM SONG has only the noblest of intentions but falls into the era's trap of simplification and essentialization. The music was fairly weak, too, although the accompanying dance numbers saved them on numerous occasions.

Steve B (es) wrote: Very cool ambient adult superhero flick. This is quite unusual for the genre. I had a good time. Costumes are voluntary dated, characters are outrageously dark, and the cinematography is amazing!