Il fantasma di Sodoma

Il fantasma di Sodoma

Six teenagers are terrorized in an isolated villa by ghosts of Nazis killed during World War II by an air raid while participating in an orgy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   fire,   torture,  

Six teenagers are terrorized in an isolated villa by ghosts of Nazis killed during World War II by an air raid while participating in an orgy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hein B (au) wrote: I didn't even got to the 30 minute mark, damn...

Pourya E (kr) wrote: A very touching but tragic story of a man and his society, told in the best Middle Eastern/Mediterranean romantic-realistic fashion. Nadim Sawalha gives an excellent performance, he basically carries the entire movie on his pivotal character's strong shoulders!

Brian B (gb) wrote: Yes, a giant killer snake movie that ripped off Freddy vs. Jason. It doesn't get much lower than that...

Corey n (fr) wrote: The second in the Sniper series starring Tom Berenger. So his character Beckett is a sniper brought back in to a special mission. But his chances of coming back out of it alive is very slim. This film does not have the same intense action scenes as the original but still solid enough. Berenger is solid in the lead role. I liked him in the original and number three of the series. The story is interesting and the action solid. Not as strong as the original but I liked it. Worth the one time watch. If you liked the original then check it out.

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (2001) Replicant ACTION Anybody familiar with Ringo Lam as I am should be aware of his contribution to the action genre. Lams Hong Kong films such as City on Fire and Full Contact to name a couple brought him much notoriety except that the action genre has somewhat diminished in Hong Kong and in turn attempt to try his experience somewhere else. What happened as a result is doing low budget action films such as this one in which his Hong Kong trademark still shows on bits n' parts such as the realism of action sequences by using more stunt doubles than special effects. The logic of any action films made in Hong Kong have to be omitted replacing it with a complete awe in the possibility of actual people perform stunts that can injure them for life. This is another of those films as I had described and the budget really shows! Because of the deminishing of Jean Claude Van Dams movie career this straight to rental had no chance of making it theatrical, but is still better than what he's been making earlier in his career such as Lionheart and Kickboxer to name a few! Instead of handing you a plot which this film has a lack of, all I can say is this film is another one those double cloning films which is a low buget version of the The 6th Day, and that the real highlight is the fact that you won't be seeing JCVD doing the splits with his legs again with him doing some of his acrobatic moves which may not be him! This is your better than average action film given what Ringo Lam had to work on whether it is creative power or money. 3/4

james f (ag) wrote: Saddest movie I ever saw.

Valerie F (br) wrote: Not quite like the novel. Some characters were refined for the better, but others were not quite as well done or were not cast well.

Art S (es) wrote: This could be my favorite Melville film. He masterfully hides things from the audience, leading us purposefully astray. The central characters are also taken in and make poor decisions as a result. The film is shot in contrasty black-and-white, not unlike some of the low-budget American noirs that Melville must have loved, but much more artful in set design, mise-en-scene, symbolism, jazzy soundtrack, than many of those. The opening tracking shot alone is worth the price of admission. We follow Faugel (Serge Reggiani) who has just been released from prison and needs to settle old scores and get back to work. Unfortunately, his next job goes wrong because the police are tipped off by an informer (le doulos of the title). From there, the plot cascades in a complicated fashion until all is revealed in a sudden rush with three characters sitting in a bar talking over flashbacks. But yet their fates still await them in a final coda.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - 5/6/2012)

Jamie I (jp) wrote: As far as epics go, it's well epic, meaning that there were places it could have stopped but didn't. In the end (despite the 2 hr. 30 min. time stamp) I really did like this movie. Heartbreaking that they thought that Aborigine mothers wouldn't miss their own children. Recommended.