Il feroce Saladino

Il feroce Saladino

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Peter E (br) wrote: Really powerful film in the way they expressed the communication and connection with the spirit of the land. The boys walkabout and personal journey is very touching as well. Loved it.

Elisabeth B (fr) wrote: Would definitely not recommend this movie to friends. Actors and plot were uninteresting. Setting in India was pretty cool, I would say that is the only strong point about this movie.

Shimmy M (mx) wrote: The Independent (UK) **** Film of the week, by a distance, is this charmer about provincial youth in 1974. Joe (Martin Compston), frustrated by the pinched horizons of Stoke-on-Trent and his delivery-van job, falteringly finds his groove when he ventures (by bus, of course) to the legendary Wigan Casino, home to Northern Soul and its ecstatic bendy-bodied dance moves. The writer-director Shimmy Marcus styles Joe as heir to the kitchen-sink realists of the 1960s, less fly than Albert Finney, less muscular than Richard Harris, but in Compston's touching portrayal blessed with a grave charisma of his own. The cast around him is equally assured ? Nichola Burley as a too-cool-for-you hairdresser, Felicity Jones as an aspiring art student and the brilliant Pat Shortt as his chivalrous workmate. The film, made on a shoestring, is a little rough around the edges, yet driven by such a genuine love of its milieu and the period texture (pasty complexions, Gola bags, rare vinyl) that you find yourself cheering it along. The music, most of it imported from black America, is superb. Anthony Quinn

Erin D (mx) wrote: probably the only michael bay movie i like. it has problems and things I don't like about it, but overall it's fun and harmless

Jlio A (nl) wrote: Quase to legal quanto o primeiro! Interessante que linkam os personagens do primeiro a esse. Divertido :D

Rick Q (gb) wrote: william holden and kim novak are really great actors, but their charm and potential is wasted on a weak script with some of the corniest film dialogue of the 1950s.

Paul E (nl) wrote: This film captures the weird and vaguely sinister side of Blackpool. I used to visit relatives there often as a child in the seventies and this brought back memories of the sort of weird characters that hung around the Las vegas of the UK.

David A (mx) wrote: Thought provoking as it reveals a lot of dark truths about the African American communities in South Central L.A.; John Singleton's "Boyz n the Hood" offers us three point of views about growing up in a bad neighborhood. All three main leads did an excellent job in bringing their characters to life. They made the situation believable and hard for us to watch. It tackled several themes including friendship, family, and hard struggles. Can't believe this is the same director who directed "Abduction". Ugh...

Enid B (de) wrote: We revisited this recently in a gallery here in Dubai, it was amazing to see the effect of the film in a society which supports handicap but is still largely ashamed/unused to the topic and is not used to discussing anything private in public. Word of warning though, use subtitles, even for native English speakers some lines are lost, not just by Day-Lewis but other characters with thick Irish Accents, as beautiful as they are. The director has ignored Christy's failings and concentrated on his victories which is refreshing as the press made much of his private life after marriage. I appreciate this fact and took the film for what it was, a boy's victory in the face of immense doubt and a celebration of how he made something of his life as a man.

Damon H (ca) wrote: A classic cheesy love story, totally full of itself, but a film I watch over and over. Ali MacGraw is unforgettable as an independant feisty woman in the 70's. Also this is the film that gave Tommy Lee Jones his start in the movies.

Keenan S (jp) wrote: Loosely based on true events, In The Realm Of The Senses is a superb erotic film that is both sizzling with its sexuality, but it can also be quite disturbing as well. While apparently there are some hidden themes against imperial rule at the time, the film is mostly about two twisted people coming together to push their sexual desires to their ultimate and dangerous limits. Many people flatly dismiss this film as just being pornography, and while yes, it is a very graphic film that doesn't shy away from showing the viewer various things(Most of which was unsimulated, by the way), I found it to be a very compelling and fascinating film that really shows the dark depths of its characters' souls and their desires. I also admired it because it doesn't shy away from the subject of sexuality and that it fearlessly shows the darkest, animal-like ferocity that can encompass the twisted desires of most human beings, whether they like to admit it or not. If the viewer takes the time to analyze the film, rather than flatly dismiss it as pornography, what they will find is so much more than meets the eye. It's a dark, twisted, sexy, and horrifying film that shows the descent of its characters into monstrous behavior in the name of their desires. And it's not afraid to show such depravity. It's a superb and thought-provoking erotic film that has much more to say than merely showing graphic sex scenes. It's a film about the darkest depths of human nature.

Joel H (es) wrote: Midnight Cowboy is awful. The acting is hokey, the editing is sloppy and the music is repetitive and annoying. In a year that featured classic films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, True Grit and Once Upon a Time in the West, why would the Academy give this movie the award for Best Picture? Sure, Midnight Cowboy may have raised some eyebrows, but it's an ugly movie with dislikable people doing unpleasant things.

Byron B (de) wrote: The second Bond film with Terence Young again at the helm. This one introduced the Monty Norman James Bond Theme without any other pop song under the opening credits. There is still a body double in a fedora who fires back at the panning gun barrel rather than Sean Connery, but Connery does actually sport a fedora in this film and the idea of a double who looks like Bond is played with in the opening cat and mouse sequence. This one established so much of Broccoli and Saltzman's winning formula. M (Lee), Moneypenny (Maxwell), and Q (Llewelyn) are all present. The exotic locales are amazing including a large chunk of time spent in Istanbul, as well as traveling by train and by boat to Rome. The British consulate in Istanbul with Kerim Bey at the head (the wonderful Pedro Armendriz) feels that the Russian/British relationship is much more civil here on neutral ground. But the omnipresent criminal organization Spectre, headed in this film by a faceless/anonymous Blofeld is out to heighten the cold war. This movie introduces the same octopus symbol for Spectre used in the newest Daniel Craig Bond film. James Bond does not appear for the first 20 minutes, but when he does he is pretty quickly assigned to find a Russian decoding machine, and along the way he wisecracks and seduces in the best Bond style. Spectre assigns the beautiful, blond, Russian agent Tatiana 'Tanya' (Daniela Bianchi) to foil Bond's plans. Since Tanya receives her assignment from Rosa Kleb (Lotte Lenya), the lethal and, possibly, lesbian agent of Spectre posing as Russian military, Tanya doesn't know where her orders really come from. Bond and Tanya fall hard for each other and show quite a bit of cooperation between British and Russian interests against the common enemy, Spectre, which is interesting for a movie of the early 60s. Morzeny (Walter Gotell) runs the Spectre assassin school where 'Red' Grant (an incredibly young and blond Robert Shaw) is one of their prime specimens. Red is a very good Bond villain henchman for being so relentless. Bond prevails and the title ballad plays as he rides off happily with Tanya.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: Francis Lederer, Played Count Dracula, posing as Bellac Gordal, Though the Name Dracula was never mentioned in the movie. But its an outstanding Black & White movie, and I am sure back in the day it frighten a few people. If you enjoy Black & White Films I would add this one to the collection.

Paul D (nl) wrote: A strong romance, but mainly stands out for Better Davis's performance.

roby q (nl) wrote: Street life crude and real