Il gemello

Il gemello

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Lauren M (au) wrote: Powerful documentary that will change your perspective on the intellegence and emotional depth of our four legged companions.

Myke A (de) wrote: As a stand alone film I think this is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The right mix of comedy and action. I think unfairly judged by people expecting another Taken or Equalizer. Get a bag of crisps, sit back, switch your brain off and enjoy.

Rich P (ag) wrote: keeps Orly quiet. now watched this movie umpteen times in last few weeks

Olivier P (us) wrote: Quite funny, completely crazy. Made with actual toys shot in stop-motion video...

Alejandro T (au) wrote: Excellent film, with impecable performances and strong script! well-done Venezuela. Excelente film con interpretaciones impecables y un fuerte guion. Bien hecho Venezuela

Baphomet (de) wrote: When did THIS come out? I've never heard of it.

Mitchell M (nl) wrote: High anxiety I got to give in on how charmingly funny this film is every scene is filled with the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock's thrill and anxiety and the king of comedy Mel Brooks's comical reliefs and irresistible humor and makes this a memorial Mel Brooks film.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: This average horror movie begins quite promising, avoiding cheap exploitation and holding our attention with a scary premise, but later on it sadly sinks into commonplace in a generic third act that is so typical of exorcism stories, making the whole effort of its first half seem in vain.

Debbie H (au) wrote: oh was good being kidnapped by Ode Fehr not as bad as it sounds lol