Il generale dorme in piedi

Il generale dorme in piedi

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Daniel E (de) wrote: Scott is the only good thing about the movie and that he gets to kick ass

Wayne S (fr) wrote: Written and directed by Grald Hustache-Mathieu, "Nobody Else But You - Poupoupidou)" is one of the most intriguing and enjoyable movies I've seen in some time. The posters promise a hint of "Twin Peaks" and lots of the Coen Bros., but I also detected a dash of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (Swedish version) and, as was the intent, a very nice serving of Marilyn Monroe. Thanks for that to Sophie Quinton who, as local weathergirl and cheese advertising model Candice Lecoeur, channels the film icon nicely. Jean Paul Rouve stars as David Rousseau, a successful crime novelist with a case of writer's block. He arrives in the girl's hometown of Mouthe, on the French-Swiss border, the exact day that the local starlet is found dead in the snow, an apparent drug-overdose suicide. The scene where her body is discovered in a pristine field of snow on the edge of a dark evergreen forest is superbly filmed, and sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Rousseau's investigatory instincts come into play at once as he decides that all is not as it seems, and he sees in the case a chance to revive his literary inspiration. Here too another cinematic echo is introduced... any one familiar with the classic film noir "Laura" will guess immediately that our protagonist is soon to fall in love with "the unattainable woman."The links to MM come fast and furious, including visual tributes, and it's fun sussing them out, even though a few are telegraphed. The scene where Candice plays with a paddleball on a string in front of a group of men (Misfits) is a particular delight. The investigation is paced nicely - the more we learn, the more we want to know. Minor characters are introduced and all contribute to a totally satisfying package. I'll mention in particular Clara Ponsot as the Goth receptioniste who brings a touch of heat to the writer's frigid hotel (the boiler is busted), and Guillaume Gouix as a young assistant policeman who decides to give Rousseau some timely assistance.The dnoument is surprising but satisfying and I was left with an interior smile, knowing that I had been titillated, stroked, challenged and satisfied by a new filmmaker with great style and a love of the art. I look forward to more from M. Hustache-Mathieu... highly recommended.

Chandler W (jp) wrote: Loved this movie! This and the first are the best films in the Transformers franchise!

Michael V (ag) wrote: I never really saw a movie like this, so I liked that it was unique. Somewhat predictable, but I liked the moral of the movie and the acting was really good by Scot & Eric.

Vian S (ru) wrote: Funny Funny Funny the movie is in English (no subtitles), worth watching

Alex r (gb) wrote: As far as remakes are concerned, Toolbox Murders is a pretty good film that captures the essence of the original, and modernizing them. In this version directed by Tobe Hooper, he tends to give the film a much darker atmosphere which is strength of the film because the original was pretty sleazy in its conception. Also a standout with this version is the fact that there is a slightly better plot this time around and the kills are much better done with more blood to appeal to gore fans everywhere. Toolbox Murders is a fine return to form for Horror master Tobe Hooper as his work tended to suffer quite a bit in the 1990's, which is a great shame because Hooper's earlier movies were terrific and are classics in the genre. However despite this short return to form, Hooper's work would fall apart again with his follow up, Mortuary. Toolbox Murders on the other hand shows that Tobe Hooper still can a good horror yarn when he truly puts his mind to it, and I think that he still has the drive to make other good movies. Hooper's direction with this film is top notch, and though it isn't perfect, this remake is pretty good and the cast do a fine job and are well cast in their parts. If you love Slasher films, then check this one out, it's definitely one of the better remakes in recent memory and it may not be the best film that Hooper has directed, but it definitely is the best film that he's directed in a long time.

Sylvester K (ag) wrote: Packed with high-tech weapons and expert training of arms, yet the bugs can still over power the humans. Bugs is a cliched science fiction horror film that relied on gore to entertain the audience, considering it's a low budget made for TV movie, it's actually decent.

Leon G (it) wrote: It's cute for a love story however, it drags and doesn't get interesting til half way thru it.

bill s (gb) wrote: The year of the crappy baby/kiddie movies.

Stephanie F (gb) wrote: Super duper creepy..

Craig B (mx) wrote: Seriously underappreciated. A brilliantly dark comedy with spectacular scenery (apart from the Embra schemes) and a top Big Country sountrack

Fred W (mx) wrote: Under-rated good movie.