Il giardino delle delizie

Il giardino delle delizie


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Il giardino delle delizie torrent reviews

L Lourdes P (jp) wrote: Social expos on Argentina's corrupt auto insurance industry. The carancho is a low life who preys on innocent victims to cheat them out of their money. He falls in love with a junkie doctor with very low self esteem. Not a particularly good film.

Villi S (it) wrote: Horrible movie. I felt bad after seeing it.

Will L (au) wrote: While, ironically, the screenplay is somewhat lacking, the performances are marvelous, particularly from Cranston and Stuhlbarg. It also has a lot to say about free speech and propaganda mentality, and the message is well delivered.

Edward J (kr) wrote: The movie's theme, Japanese girls are really unhappy with their life in Tokyo, and they survive by depending on each other. Unhappy with the fact a boss tried to rape her, or had sex with a best friend, or is bulimic 'cause she thinks her artwork sucks, or she can't find love, pretty miserable. There are some comedic moments, but mostly it shows a single girl's life style in Tokyo can be stale and unglamorous. I am not a girl nor live in Tokyo, so I don't know if this movie is an exaggeration or a depicted portrayal.

Fong K (au) wrote: viewed on 23/12/04 (Thurs)Dear Mr Stephen Chow,Hullo. I am Ah Beng from Singapore. I live in Sengkang with a dog and my hobbies are watching movies, listening to songs and sufing the net.Aiya, I long time never write letter liao la. So I cut the crap and tell you how I feel after watching KFH, Ok?Bro, (hope you don't mind, I really respect you now), I like your KFH very much, you know? Two words, damn good! I don't know how to say la but many parts very good la.A, bro. I got one thing I must say hor. You better not get angry huh. All in the past liao la. I dun like your mo lei tau movies. Funny la but kinda damn stupid. My friend said your Shaolin Soccer very good but I not interested la. Then I watch it in Taiwan and I like it so much. Funny la but also very, what you call, heartwarming la. Nice leh. So when your KFH coming, I excited liao. Saw the trailer, not bad leh, I laugh loudly. The story also cute leh. You want to be bad guy in this town of losers. You want to bully them but actually they all know to fight one. Haaa...I go see because I like Shaolin Soccer and I got a good feeling for KFH lor. I just want to enjoy a good comedy la. But wow piang. Actually KFH is more than a good comedy lor. It is also very heartwarming la. Then some parts actually very touching. Many parts are funny la but the kind of funny is a bit different lor. Not just some stupid things la but got some sense in it. I don't know how to say properly la but I try ok.Ok, the first part got people die and I think, wow, a bit scary leh. Not your style. Your movies got people die until so sad meh. I tell myself hor, wow, not bad, you change style. Then I know you want to be serious this time but still keep your style.You come out as a funny loser. Haaa... still like the part you want to bully the village people but all of them maciam can fight one, like that aunty, the muscular ah pek and little boy. Some parts can make me feel angry, like the axe gang bully the village people. Too much la. Then got good people help beat the axe gang until all cannot stand up. Wow. Shiok! Feel good man. I want to cheer man but pai seh la. I notice something also. The music you use very familiar. I think you want to respect the old kungfu shows so you use their music, right? I like. Actually some parts you also recycle one la from the old movies. Like the bad guy always go bully people and we liao very angry. Got heroes that can fight very well but they want to keep low profile so never want to let people. Then got one loser who wants to be hero but ends up like a clown. Then wow those people got powers one also from the old kungfu shows lor. Got can play the guitar thing and kill people one, can shout until people go deaf one, got one can catch bullets one and can never die one and got ru lai shen zhang! Haaa... outdated la but your version still very very stylo lor. I can also see there is a message in your movie. Justice will always prevail (new word I learn one). Evil cannot beat good. Nothing new la but still make people want to stand up and cheer out loud!Your love story about that lollipop very touching too. I almost cry, you know. I mean also outdated la but your version still very sad. The girl damn chio man. Called Huang Sheng Yi. From China one? Wow lao, I think next year must call my parents bring me to China. I think got alot of people sure say your movie copycat but I don't think so la. You are trying to pay respect to the old kungfu shows. You know like renovate la. Something old but you make it something new. Aiya, I don't know how to say. You know what I mean right. Makeover! Yes like makeover lor. The special effects are very very good. Exaggerated la but, like what someone says, capture the imagination of the kungfu fans. Cheam right? :)You also supposedly use people from the old kungfu movies time. That is how I also know you want to pay respect to them. All got high profiles last time one. Like the landlord, his wife, the beast and the tailor. Well done! Bro! You did a good job. Not only you let other people laugh and have a good time, you also want to bring back the spirit of old kungfu shows. Not only the ang moh will know more about our culture, you also let our generation appreciate our roots and heritage. Bro, I salute you! I put your movie the best show la. Very give you face liao. Make sure your next movie must maintain high standard, ok? If not I ka cha you. Hee... just joking la. Your fanAdrian Tan Ah Beng :PRating: A+

Toni R (us) wrote: Trixie, the character is great, Emily Watson does a great job. Rest of the movie isn't that good, but I'd still recommend watching it.

Shannon G (br) wrote: This was hard to watch.