Il giocattolo

Il giocattolo

A meek book-keeper (Vittorio) brings on his squallid life, which is interrupetd when he becomes friend with a policeman (Sauro). Vittorio is introduced to gun shooting, and appears to be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Il giocattolo torrent reviews

Michael Q (au) wrote: This film is long, very boring and the time you start to understand it, your glad it's the end

Carole B (us) wrote: Un monde imaginaire fascinant!

Maria B (ca) wrote: En trevlig film att se en sndagseftermiddag. Helt ok, inget vrldsomvlvande. Man blir dock vldigt sugen p att kra rally!

Alexander C (it) wrote: Could be an undiscovered treasure of thriller/horror proportions.

Scott R (gb) wrote: Sweet, warm, and funny. Its a modern fairy tale and thats cool.

Jukka K (fr) wrote: Basically it's the first one all over again with Marvin and Borgnine both double the age their characters should be and a horrible cast and awful screenpay. Some points for unintentional humour.

Cort J (ru) wrote: A fine film for young school kids...the animation while not pixar quality is fine, the humor is slapstick, and the redubbing into English is done by good to ok voice idea why it was renamed

Mychal S (au) wrote: Entertaining enough, but nothing really new here. Just another movie about how progress comes at a price. It's been done before elsewhere but Brazil had to do it for themselves, I guess.

Hannah M (jp) wrote: This movie is a well-deserved 9. This was one of the shortest films I've ever seen, but hilarious. Bud Cort is adorable as Warren.

Justin A (ru) wrote: A bit slow and depicts unnecessary hardcore porn, but this movie still has some noteworthy aspects to it. This is one of the most violent movies ever made. No, it's not filled with over-the-top blood or deaths, but the way the deaths are depicted in slow motion with one of the creepiest soundtracks makes this a more disturbing than average revenge movie. This is a really dark movie and I would never recommend this movie to most people, but those who enjoy these kinds of movies may find something special here.

Romeo R (us) wrote: This is a true classic ! It's a must see. The songs and the cast were just AA++++

Robby R (es) wrote: Great charcter study of a man so lonely he can't recognize his own lonliness. Lean, observant storytelling make it a monument of the minutiae.

Peter W (de) wrote: Only if you've read the book.