Il giustiziere di mezzogiorno

Il giustiziere di mezzogiorno

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   parody,   sicilian,  

Franco is abandoned by his wife and daughter who wrongly accuse him of being a wimp. Besides he's bossed around and sexually harassed at work. He decides to take justice into his own hands ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul M (nl) wrote: Almost as good as a Hitchcock film itself....well ok but good anyway.

Brittany L (es) wrote: Horrible acting and a ridiculous plot, but worth watching for a good laugh. The ending is the best!

jeremy j (br) wrote: It will not be the majority's idea of funny, but the low key humor in uncomfortable situations gave me a continuous smile. I love it when she burns his pancakes and he eats them anyway out of spite.

Ahmed M (de) wrote: Tere Naam is one of Bollywood's masterpieces, the story is (unfortunately) based on a true story, but I would still think it does justice to the true story. Tere Naam will leave you with tears in your eyes, not only by the story but by the amazing performances of every actor, Furthermore, despite how brilliantly every actor performed their roles, but Salman Khan (who plays the main actor in the movie) easily steals the show here, and this is easily his best performance.

Ricardo H (br) wrote: It's funny, I didn't really like this movie when I saw it the first time. I remember I was sort of rushed. I saw it again, with plenty of time, and I really enjoyed it

Owyn l (ca) wrote: funny and great trip

Sam R (jp) wrote: So many people hate this film, but I still enjoy it for it's sheer lunacy and cartoon-like action.

Sean J (es) wrote: This movie is rife with boring wooden acting and burdened with an aimless plot that weighs it down like a ton of bricks. Feels like it was written by a high schooler. The titular Rapture that you and the main character wait the whole movie for is a total letdown as far as cinematic experiences go. This movie was a yawnfest that I struggled to get through. I personally wanted a real rapture to occur while I was watching this so I'd have an excuse to stop.

Ronda W (ru) wrote: Great plot, acting, special effects

Jason M (br) wrote: When I heard that they were turning Blue Like Jazz into a movie, I had no clue how they would make that work. After all, the book is a collection of essays about Miller finding and embracing his faith, even if it was different than the culture he had grown up in. While the movie doesn't manage to match the sheer awesomeness of the book (and really it would've been nearly impossible to do this), the movie stands strong on its own. While it won't compete for any awards, it is refreshing, funny, and honest and manages to put together a worthwhile and entertaining story. As a huge fan of the book, it is nice to say that I was not disappointed in the movie.

Alex B (kr) wrote: It's over-exaggerated, but has good action.

Antti K (ru) wrote: A good story, very good noirish atmosphere and a small cast - this is pretty much everything you need to make a good low key crime thriller and John Dahl one of the best players in the genre. Kilmer and the wife are good, Michael Madsen was obviously already himself/typecast in the 1980's. Well done.

Alex G (br) wrote: A deeply fascinating documentary taking a side on the "deep web" discussion one might not expect. The moral grey areas and injustices done on the side of our government are on full display here.