Il ladrone

Il ladrone

Caleb vive in Galilea ai tempi di Gesù e si arrabatta con qualche furtarello e facendosi passare per mago. Per caso si trova a un banchetto di nozze e vede Gesù trasformare l'acqua in vino ...

Caleb vive in Galilea ai tempi di Gesù e si arrabatta con qualche furtarello e facendosi passare per mago. Per caso si trova a un banchetto di nozze e vede Gesù trasformare l'acqua in vino ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Konrad S (au) wrote: Cool Polish comedy based on an interesting screenplay! Although filled with many truisms it still makes you laugh loudly as you're faced with gags and stories told by main characters, who are really life inspired. Very good entertainment for a sunny afternoon with no higher aspirations but still sharing many insightful points of view on man-woman relationship.

Eliabeth S (fr) wrote: Ehh don't see it. Just not interesting; overdramatic...feels like someone's senior thesis project. Too close to home as well.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: In watching the compelling Apartheid-set bio-pic Catch a Fire, one cannot help but think back to Cry Freedom, Richard Attenborough's poignant but overlong portrait of slain non-violent South African activist Steven Biko (Denzel Washington) and his unlikely friendship with a white reporter (Kevin Kline). With Fire, director Phillip Noyce tackles the other side of the coin, chronicling the rise of an anti-apartheid "terrorist" and his antagonistic relationship with a white colonel, all within a breezy running time that keeps the action taut. In this R-rated South African-set thriller, hard-working family man Patrick Chamusso (Luke) truly turns revolutionary after he is wrongly accused and tortured for a crime by Police Security Branch operative Nic Vos (Robbins) in the early '80s. No stranger to political intrigue, Noyce (Patriot Games, Rabbit-Proof Fence) presents a 1980s-set true story made all the more timely by the events of September 11, a point he capitalizes on. After Vos (representing foreign govt.) tortures the innocent Chamusso (representing persecuted natives), the latter's motives for turning radically political become starkly obvious, paralleling a certain Western power's occupation of modern-day Iraq. Catch a Fire also gives a powerful combo in Robbins and Luke, who bring their respective characters' moral ambiguity to light with a gripping intensity--perhaps too well. Noyce shows us family man Chamusso's philandering while concurrently portraying Vos's nearly perfect home life with middling results. As the real-life Chamusso's appearance at the end makes clear, this is HIS story, not that of the top-billed Robbins. Perhaps, Focus Features just wanted to get their money's worth out of the Oscar-winner. Bottom line: Once you catch it, you won't let go.

Ricky R (gb) wrote: A quiky dramedy that features a series of well spaced laughs set to a rather dramatic coming out tale. Dorian is gay but that doesn't mean he has to accept it. Because he knows that his father will not take the news well, he entices his brother to "make him straight" but that doesn't work out as well as either boy would hope. After a relevant reveal to his father, Dorian gets a rather swift start on his college life and deals with the trials and tribulations of being gay... set to a New York City landscape. Granted thios film is low budget but that hardly takes away from the impact of this films strongest asset: witty dialogue. Dorian is a snarky fellow, critical of everyone he encounters... which leads to a rahter dramatic incident in a bar. His brother is much more mellow, most likely because he was always seen as the golden child in his father's eyes. The relationship between the two is the film's primary focus. I honestly think this a beautiful film... sometimes campy, sometimes fun, and sometimes wrenching... it is a film worth seeing if only once.

Jason P (kr) wrote: Production's not great, and some of the dialogue is overdone, but I just love Jenna Fischer and am so proud of her for making this movie!

Jon E (ru) wrote: why do they try and revive great movies with crap sequels (see pretty much every horror movie ever made!)

Warren W (au) wrote: This movie can't 2 seconds without cussing, or using the "N" word

Ashlee P (kr) wrote: This was an odd movie. It had some good parts. Super predictable and some dry acting but it was kind of interesting all at the same time.

Roy P (it) wrote: Also known as Road kill

Shon D (es) wrote: Tell me this movie isn't bad ass. An insanely hot chick who knows how to handle a GT40 as if it was a Camry? Unbelievable. There was nothing bad about this movie at all. From the cars to the actual story, to the main character herself. This was automotive guinness mixed in with a impressive action twist. Who needs one or the other? I can just watch this.

Reggie S (nl) wrote: Never surrendering his vision for easy watchability, Kubrick's deliberate pace strips away some of Barry Lyndon's potential entertainment value - a trade-off which, for me, often fails to incite the same thought-provoking wonder of the comparably slow 2001 or The Shining. When the film shines, however, it does so with brilliantly-acted dark humour, a stirring score, and the kind of grandeur that I and my self-admittent, attention-span-challenged kin might agree as simply beyond them - the meticulous beauty of an 18th century art gallery.

Ed Fucking H (mx) wrote: Some gold diggin gangsta muthafuckaz go on a cross country ski trip, looking for the big score so they can move to Canada, but are stalked by a BEAST!!! The beast in question is a weird looking Chewbacca spider, that looks pleasantly ridiculous. This isn't a great film by any means, or even a very memorable one, but it is hard to hate it for what it is. A done on the cheap, mindless, old school creature feature. Pretty good times for b-movie fans.

James H (jp) wrote: Typically fine Bulldog Drummond episode. Drummond has wedding plans in this one that are put on hold when his fiance witnesses a kidnapping. Good mystery. Not one of the best of the series, still quite good however.

Lee M (nl) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, A Brilliant Young Mind is an inoffensive film, looking to please a broad audience and while it achieves its goals, there's always a sense that it could have done more.

Hunter H (br) wrote: I absolutely think this is the worst animated movie I have ever seen it's not entertaining and not funny and boring