Il mio Novecento

Il mio Novecento


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Madeleine M (gb) wrote: i was at an LCDSS after party. James Murphy is such a tool. he couldn't stand he wasn't the funniest person in the room, hated the fact i was getting more attention, and made passive aggressive remarks about me drinking his booze. bye tool.

Palmira C (fr) wrote: A movie tragic,interesting. Rupert Grint brillant as always

visitorQ S (ca) wrote: damn. This was one shitty movie. 1/5

bill s (fr) wrote: Watching this is a bad acid trip....everything's all over the place and it's confusing as hell.

Steve S (au) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Private U (de) wrote: This movie is a must for music lovers. Great performances. Very very sexy.

ShinyHappyPurple (ag) wrote: First saw this many years back when I was alot younger. It had some pretty good scenes in it.

Peter G (us) wrote: A prime classic of the kung fu genre, Warriors Two is simply one of the most magnificent showcases of Wing Chun on film, and can easily be used as an instructional guide

Scott K (de) wrote: this movie is just great. . enough said

Jennie N (au) wrote: Slow , and not really that interesting. Serves you right, don't drink and drive then dry to cover up it up.

Michael C (fr) wrote: Not an Indiana Jones Movie...Aliens?