Il numero 121

Il numero 121


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1917
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Il numero 121 torrent reviews

wlkn w (kr) wrote: insignificant. worth watching just for alexandra daddario's tits.

Mattias E (de) wrote: Visually stunning arty teen movie from the great Iwai. Borderline cute but with incredibly well-written characters. A much needed lighter excursion into the psyche of the japanese teenager than his previous work All About Lily Chou-Chou. With great music wrtitten by the man himself. A true joy.

Rivandy H (au) wrote: good animation movie!

stphanie L (us) wrote: So outrageously brilliant !!! One of my favourite moovie ever ! :)Un humour d (C)capant ( prendre au 2nd degr (C) bien sure !) des filles d'une beaut (C) et d'une autod (C)rision couper le souffle !chapeau ! culott (C), audacieux ! une des loufoqueries les plus revigorantes que je connaissent !

Aaron F (ru) wrote: i think this is tim allen's best live action role and its very very funny

Cita W (au) wrote: I'm gonna give a big credit to the director who successfully directed all the young casts who are so adorable. Watching this is like going back to my own childhood.

Niklas S (au) wrote: This movie still holds up. Lance Henriksen you rock!

Joe M (es) wrote: It's Pee-Wee. What do you expect?

Samantha S (fr) wrote: I adore this movie. It's funny but it's sad that Man has once again spoiled the ecosystem and left himself a bigger problem than what he started. Followed by a sequel in 2009 called "Conquest of the Cane Toad" which I am trying to see or hopefully acquire.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: Absolutely touching, enraging, and thought provoking. I really felt for the girls and wanted to do something for them. Characters were all good. Male lead had a wonderful line about their experience being an issue of money disguised as religion.

Sydnie C (nl) wrote: hahaha goofy at parts.

Tim B (es) wrote: Good story, good gore for the time.

Gordon C (es) wrote: This could be the earliest example of a phenomen which has become commonplace in recent sci-fi films: the idea that when something goes wrong with the world, the way to fix it is to drop bombs on it (see Deep Impact, Armageddon, The Core, Sunshine for example...). The movie has a fine, pacy script and excellent acting, using cut-scenes from real life disasters to illustrate the ensuing calamity of the earth being shifted in its orbit to move closer to the sun. How likely this scenario actually is is questionable, but it's perhaps closer to the edge of plausibility than a lot of movies one could name. Sadly, it ends with a shot of a church spire. What's the message here? That when science fails, prayer is a viable option? This kind of "nod to God" is all too common in sci-fi films. Although at least they don't try to pretend that God would (or could) actually do anything...

Dan P (ca) wrote: A film that displays persistance, makes you proud to be British.

anders k (es) wrote: I thought it was a very thrilling action movie with a plot done right.

Jon M (br) wrote: Classic action flick goodness

Andy P (kr) wrote: Gus Vant Sant doesn't stifle his artistic, avant-garde impulses for the sake of accessibility in this profound and moving take on Shakespeare's Henry IV, which is made all the more special by brilliant performances from Reeves and Phoenix, Reeves' natural melancholy perfectly suited to the anachronistic bard-speak he delivers in certain scenes. The picture is a perfect blend of humor and pathos, and a touching tale of friendship and love.