Il padre di famiglia

Il padre di famiglia

La seconda guerra mondiale è terminata da poco e Marco e Paola, architetti, sono pieni di ideali di rinnovamento per la società. Si sposano. Cominciano ad arrivare i figli, quattro, e i ...

La seconda guerra mondiale è terminata da poco e Marco e Paola, architetti, sono pieni di ideali di rinnovamento per la società. Si sposano. Cominciano ad arrivare i figli, quattro, e i ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laure E (kr) wrote: Une histoire d'amour passionnelle dtruite par l'alcool. Trop dprimante pour moi...

Faisal Z (nl) wrote: They need to make more movies like this. This is another good example that goes to show that you don't need a huge hollywood budget to make good movies.

Piotrek P (it) wrote: We're back with Stifler family, apparently... None of the character development from the last movie is in this one. Erik is as flaky as ever. His cousin is as disgusting as ever. And now we have a third house added to the greek feud. The Popular Greek Geek House. Yeah... Like that's ever going to happen...

Joel H (it) wrote: Hollywoodland is drab and dismal. If it weren't for the impressive cast, this movie would feel like a student film that was trying a little too hard to be film noir. Ben Affleck's part of the story is interesting, but every time Adrian Brody came on the screen, I wanted to fall asleep. I really hope that George Reeves' life wasn't this miserable.

Lotti K (es) wrote: I was surprised that I liked this fairly well. I'm really over movies where infidelity is the "plot" (I'm looking at you, Closer and We Don't Live Here Anymore), but in this one infidelity was at least a catalyst for change.

Paul J (ru) wrote: Jesus, what a powerful movie. It's Taxi Driver for the 90's. Noe's films assault the audience much like his main protagonists. Yet, there is empathy for this sad individual. His relationship with his daughter offers both his salvation and his damnation. The experience of seeing this disturbing movie in a packed theater is unforgettable. It's vicious, emotional and insightful.

Sean H (ru) wrote: Very well done. Thought the B

Dan G (mx) wrote: on the sad side for sure, some parts were funny but it was more sad than funny. being mean to the bums all the time, and it had the asshole grandpa from arrested development , Mel Brooks is an asshole himself too.

Liy D (kr) wrote: A really bad and really cheesy ninja movie, which is why it's awesome.

C C (ca) wrote: Couldn't wait for it to end.

Chris B (ru) wrote: Let me start this review off by saying that I have known about the master of traditional Japanese cinema for a long time but this is my first film by Ozu that I have been able to watch and it's a great and very personal drama that is beautiful to behold! Ozu has a very distinctive and wonderfully Japanese sense to his work and his style and it really is a thing of beauty. The way he focuses on nature in between the character's actions and dialogue is very poetic and beautiful. Another of his trademarks is his low camera height that he films from and it's a wonderfully unique style that really captures the feel and space that the character's embody in his films. The story is personal and poignant and is mainly between a father and his daughter as he pushes for her to finally marry at the age of 27. She, having taken care of her father for so long and spending her time living and being with him, doesn't want things to change in her mind. The father eventually concocts an idea and tells his daughter that she should marry as he himself is going to remarry soon. This basically ensures that she will finally accept the change coming and find her own happiness apart from her father and form it anew with her husband. The father knows this and once she does submit and agree to marry it's revealed to us that the father has no intention to remarry and only tells his daughter so in order for her to have her own life apart from him. The story is beautifully simplistic in both it's portrayal and message but also very realistic and very touching as it's a universally applicable film! I, for one, can't wait to watch more of his works including the legendary "Tokyo Story"!

Scott R (ca) wrote: Good, but not great. Some great sets, music, and of course Karloff and Lugosi.