Il padrone delle ferriere

Il padrone delle ferriere

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Santhakumar M (jp) wrote: One of the movies where you feel, oh shit! the movie is over!!

Paul G (au) wrote: One of Dario Argento's lighter takes on suspenseful horror, still good enough to grab your attention and delight all his fans.

Anthony T (de) wrote: As far as chick flicks go, this one is pretty enjoyable. Very cheesy, but fun.

Melissa H (br) wrote: The behinds the scenes doc "Nobody wants your movie" is practically unbearable.

Channon M (au) wrote: I think this is Patricia Arquette's best film. Well done but scary movie about the democracy movement and subsequent massacre in Burma.

Matthew D (kr) wrote: Hitchcock returns to England for one of his most lived-in movies, gone are the well-to-do middle classes or landed gentry of many a past production to the working class world of his early movies (and his own roots). Instead we have a positively grimy London with a grisly killer on the loose, where the Hitchcock takes 'the wrong man' plot out for one last spin and takes it to the logical extreme of where it can go. On the way he peppers the proceedings with his trademark humour and there is a nice undercurrent that captures the antagonism of the time between the elder generation that grew up in his heyday of the 40's and 50's and the new 'debauched' generation of the 70's, although it's clear which side he favours. It remains amazing how much sympathy Hitchcock can elicit for such unlikeable characters, even his most repugnant villain at one point, although the protagonist is dislikeable almost to the point of losing all support.

Steven G (kr) wrote: It's not quite as bad as many people make it out to be, but All About Steve still has an awful premise and an awful execution of it. Sandra Bullock tries her heart out, but she can't make a creepy character un-creepy.

bill s (nl) wrote: A smart and funny romantic comedy that's finely acted and still upstaged by a dog....go figure.

Sherry R (mx) wrote: We generally judge how a movie will be by how fast the boobs appear - but on this one we hung in there anyway and to be on a shoestring budget it wasn't bad. I still think the pit looked like an outhouse'll know what I mean if you see it.

Preston B (de) wrote: It's not as bad as the cat in the hat or the grinch and the animation nice and colorfulBut it still sucks in capturing the spirit of the dr suese book Instead of being clever and imaginative it's dull and dated and it tries way to hard to Amuse stupid teenagers. don't believe me there five songs in the whole movie and only one of the tells us to give a flying turd about the trees and it's only played at the end and it's still an omage to frozens let it go

Jonathon M (de) wrote: Amazingly tense and well told. A suffocating experience - though I didn't get to know the characters terribly well.