Il pianeta azzurro

Il pianeta azzurro

The passage of time in different dimensions illustrated by biological evolution, the changing seasons and the everyday moments of human life.

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Rudy R (mx) wrote: Too fast, too unbelievable

Rachel G (fr) wrote: It's a small movie, but well done for what it is. It probably helps that I would watch Marsters read a phone book in front of a white wall.

Jennifer B (fr) wrote: A re-make of Flashdance. Not a bad movie but nothing too special about it either.

Joaquin V (mx) wrote: It doesn't make any sense, and falls in the clichs of the genre, proving that it's not different to any other regular (and unoriginal) "horror" movie.

Erickruben O (de) wrote: la mejor pelicula venezola y con la clase de 3 dueos esto si que le meteten papi

Tony M (au) wrote: This is a movie worth watching. It's very bleak & gritty. It tells the story of a young man fighting his way through life. I enjoyed it. 3 stars from me.

Petros T (it) wrote: "Hold on, Central, the sky is falling". Victor Salva created an intriguing creature, invested in building tension successfully, didn't hold back on the gore and sprinkled the result with some cool lines as well. "Jeepers Creepers" is not a modern horror classic - it has its clichs, the acting is a little shaky at times and the finale fails to outdo what came before in terms of suspense - but stays comfortably above the lot: it's fun, brisk, dark, exciting, atmospheric, memorable.

bill s (kr) wrote: Very good acting and a uniqe story make this more than just another thriller.

Dustin R (nl) wrote: Watch and find out about the coolest animal in the world.

Eileen M (kr) wrote: this was the first Almodovar movie I ever saw. Definitely more raw than his later stuff, but I love the energy and craziness of the early stuff, too.

Leon B (it) wrote: Review:What a strange and wacky movie. To be honest, I lost the plot halfway through the film, but some of the scenes are really funny. I think that this is Woody Allen's slightly warped look at politics in the 70's which sees him on a mission to destroy a nose. Like most Woody Allen movies, there is a love interest and this is film she is played by Diane Keaton, who cracked me up with her funny expressions and crazy lines. I definitely saw a bit of Charlie Chaplin in Allen's acting, which was quite physical compared to his latter movies. Anyway, this is a off the wall type of movie which has some funny moments. Enjoyable!Round-Up:For a movie that was made in 1973, $2milion dollars was quite a big budget and you can see were the money was spent in some of the extra ordinary scenes and weird costumes. It does seem a bit dated but it's a unique comedy that reminded of classic films like Dr. Strangelove and Clockwork Orange. It does get a bit out of hand near the end, but I liked the chemistry between Allen & Keaton and you can't say that it wasn't original for its time.Budget: $2millionWorldwide Gross: $18.3millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about a man who wakes up 200 years in the future after a operation that goes wrong. 6/10

Silvestre S (au) wrote: The lowest you can get with a movie;Disaster "Movie" is a waste of time,money,and oxygen

Michael J (fr) wrote: beautifully executed loved it

Calvin G (nl) wrote: Not bad but not as good as other DC animated movies!

Michael W (nl) wrote: Respectable (and engaged) man is lured rather easily by seductive blonde to join a devil worship cult. Does eventually break free but did keep his fiance's voodoo doll pinned for longer than it would seem necessary.

Leanne M (nl) wrote: Painted a good picture of how the doping system actually worked.