Il piccolo diavolo

Il piccolo diavolo

Father Maurice, a priest living in a residential college for priests in Rome, is called out one day to "exorcise" the devil from someone. The devil turns out to be in the form of a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   priest,   gambling,  

Father Maurice, a priest living in a residential college for priests in Rome, is called out one day to "exorcise" the devil from someone. The devil turns out to be in the form of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emma M (br) wrote: Zombie rides a horse. That should be self-explanatory.

Carson B (ag) wrote: One of the darkest and most emotional of the series, Half Blood Prince is also a fun and thrilling ride the whole way through! Even if it could have stuck to the book a little better, it is still another strong entry!

Josh G (ru) wrote: Brendan looks creepy in this poster...

Sol H (ca) wrote: This film was a prank. Basically, it's a mockumentary, but they didn't tell the New Zealand public that, and it's so pitch-perfect that they mostly believed it to be the truth. As a prank, it's perfection. However as a film, it's less good. At first I thought, why make a mockumentary which isn't funny (spare for some extremely light humour here and there). However, the film tells a story. It's simply an unusual method being used to tell a fictional story and when viewed as such, it's actually quite a good watch. It's probably my least favourite of Peter Jackson's movies, but hey, now I can say I've seen them all. Personal enjoyment: 6/10 Actual quality as a film: 8/10

John W (us) wrote: I liked this movie as a kid. I watched it again fully expecting to hate it. I didn't. It was quite funny and entertaining.

Tyrone H (gb) wrote: Picked this up on a 3 disc set. Never heard of it but it was a suprisingly good comedy con movie. Bruce Dern is never in enough movies and there is good chemistry between James Woods and Louis Gossett Jr. Sits in nicely with something like roadhouse or the A-Team where the bad man has taken over small town America and somebody needs to take them down. A nice movie.

Timeen (ca) wrote: I actually cried at the end.....and certain parts were full of suspense

James B (nl) wrote: I thought it was fabulous when I saw it in German in Germany around 1983. The German audience obviously enjoyed it. Since then I have seen it as it was originally filmed ( in English). It is hilarious. It was fascinating to see Benny in a more fullsome role than his radio programs (which I heard as a kid) allowed him -- though some of the old Benny doubletakes, etc. are as funny on film as the radio silences (followed by audience laughter) were back then. Great entertainment.

Iain B (gb) wrote: A comedy horror that both had a few laughs and have me the willies

David B (jp) wrote: Looking back, I'd say this is the worst out of the series so far. The beginning was very good and now we know what Hoffman is up to, it's Scott Patterson character (who was also in the fourth) trying find out what is going on and is on Hoffman's trail. Plus we get to find how and why Hoffman met up with Jigsaw. The traps are good but the film was too slow and some of the acting could've been better. Having said that, it is well written again. Although I knew what the twist was way before the end and didn't surprise me at all. Great beginning but the last 45 minutes dull. Nice way to end the film with the crushing wall scene though. Even the most die-hard of Saw fans won't credit how tedious, lame and pointless this fourth sequel manages to be, even though it does have some nice touches. The main problem with the film is like I said, it's very slow and when the scenes become dialog it's boring and almost puts the film to a halt. Though the worst in the series, it's still a chapter in the franchise and does explain a few things but eventually things must come to an end. The film does have it's moments but you have to watch it to know what's going on...if you've never seen the other four films, don't bother with this, does continue the story but with few answers.

Joshua D (ru) wrote: "I'm max." A film dedicated to discovering emotion. The beautiful story of a young boy. Made possible and incredible by Spike Jonze.

Kimberly W (jp) wrote: It definitely won't win any awards but it's a cute kids movie