Il prato

Il prato

San Gimignano, in Toscana, alla fine degli anni '70. La fine degli ideali degli anni '70 vista in un piccolo microcosmo, pensando a platee più vaste di giovani in crisi. Giovanni, ...

San Gimignano, in Toscana, alla fine degli anni '70. La fine degli ideali degli anni '70 vista in un piccolo microcosmo, pensando a platee più vaste di giovani in crisi. Giovanni, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rileigh w (br) wrote: not good really poorly done, I only watched it because there was nothing else to review at the time, my rating is negative five

Jim B (nl) wrote: The stage play is much better.

Richard I (nl) wrote: An intriguing and attractive puzzle of a film made with enormous skill and heart and successfully survives its brush with spiritualist mumbo jumbo.

Christopher C (jp) wrote: In 1852, Sami reindeer herders in the Arctic region of Norway were fed up with the Norwegian liquor industry exploiting their tendency to alcoholism, local government officials seizing parts of their herds, and a corrupt state church ignoring it all. They rioted, beating the local priest and killing a merchant and government official. The two men considered ringleaders, Aslak Haetta and Mons Somby, were tried and executed. This incidence is little-known in most of Europe, but in the history of the Sami people it is one of the few tales of resistence to pressure from their southern neighbors and has gained a sort of epic status. Nils Gaups' 2008 film KAUTOKEINO-OPPRORET (The Kautokeino Uprising) depicts this event. The main character of the film is Ellen Aslaksdatter Skum, who with her husband Mathis Haetta, was sentenced to long imprisonment. Ellen is played by Anni-Kristiina Juuso, a Sami actress best known for her role in Aleksandr Rogozhkin's 2001 film KUKUSHKA. The film is multilingual, with the Sami speaking their own language, Swedish used as a lingua franca, and Norwegian heard from a few outsiders. Mid-19th century Norway is depicted in absorbing detail, and watching the film I felt to some degree that I was sharing the challenges of the characters in the frozen north.The film takes a few liberties with history (the whipping of the priest isn't portrayed, and the rioters are stopped by what seem to be Norwegians instead of their own other Sami neighbors. Still, it's generally factual and really inspires the viewer to go out and learn more about the event. What I really admire about the film is that it doesn't try to portray the murderers as bold defenders of national consciousness: their uprising was something of an act of blind rage and they were betraying their own Christian ideals. Other depictions of the riots, such as Launis' godawful opera "Aslak Hetta", give in to hyperbolic National Romantic feelings, but Gaups' film keeps it on the level.

Martin S (br) wrote: A fantastic movie. A must see for a Christian. a real thinker. Shows where we are when we have morals and not tell people where they come from.

Kyle W (ca) wrote: This movie is not for everyone, but if you have watched other John Waters film's this should appeal to you. I love it for the fact that it makes me laugh regardless of whether it's technically sound on story or acting.

Rob T (au) wrote: "Don't stop until you reach the back of his teeth"

Edmond L (ru) wrote: Just Cause was an extremely good movie. My only guess is the critics had an agenda when it came to this director.

Ellen T (au) wrote: What a great film! Had no idea! I was still in NYC, when the garbage strike was happening. The acting was superb, DaFoe fantastic and strangely enough so was Delaney. Absolutely great dialogue. I remember well, those days...having a limo pick me up from work. Those were the days.

Riccardo G (ca) wrote: Interesting and often funny, it goes on just a little too long.

armand e (fr) wrote: cool movie if i remember correctly... stars a very young joaquin phoenix...

Tim L (es) wrote: Classic 80's. I loved this movie when I was a little kid. Lots of camios from now-legendary skaters. Even a Red Hot Chili Pepper camio before they were famous. Also funny seeing Josh Brolin as the main character. Crazy how 25 yrs later, he's getting his start as a hollywood A lister. Its the 80's, its cheesey, and its great.

Bevan S (us) wrote: Incredibly flawed and not nearly as good as it seemed 23 years ago, but I still rather like it. Seems like it was 2.5 hours and got chopped down - plot points spring in an artless manner from nowhere and too much of the music is truncated or interrupted. Plus Temple doesn't take full advantage of musical scenes that should be in your face and filled with bravado, like the runway scene or the Slim Gaillard performance or the Tenpole Tudor scene (it's shot so far away that no one appears menacing or full of life or anything). Still, what it says about rock and roll and commercialism, as well as the economic manipulation of teenagers and rebellion, is VERY unusual and entirely on the mark. In addition, the soundtrack is easily the best of the 80s - not only do they have more obvious inclusions, but enlist Miles Davis collaborator Gil Evans for some great instrumentals, has ex-Advertising front guy writing and producing Slim Gaillard, reinvigorates some Charles Mingus and Miles Davis tunes into catchy and cool pop jazz, enlists ex- Specials Jerry Dammers for a cool jazz suite and includes the best work Ray Davies had done in forever. Plus, Sade actually performs the sort of music she should have been doing all along instead of that soft modern carribbean jazz nonsense.

Jeff H (br) wrote: Directed by Stanley Donen, a lighthearted double feature with a bizarre introduction by George Burns. I??m beginning to think that short double features and anthology films are generally snubbed by the movie-going public for one reason: no one wants to go to the movies to watch television. After all, isn??t that what these films are? Perhaps audiences have grown so accustomed to devoting two hours of their time to one story and one set of characters that anything short of that just isn??t worth their $12 (I mean, television is free!). Then again, Grind House was two full-length double-features and that was still a box office disaster; too much movie perhaps? Don??t know. An attempted satire of the sappy double features of the 30s, Movie Movie is ultimately brought down by the sluggish comedic pace of its first segment, the first half of which is coated with such seemingly sincere melodrama that by the time the jokes do come around, you??re not sure whether to laugh or take them seriously (a similar fate the Scream movies fell victim to when, by its third installment, the series lost its ??clever, hip and scary?? edge and finally became the very dumbed down slasher subgenre it was parodying). George C. Scott is enjoyable in both features and if this movie has any standing it??s because of him. The rest of the cast gives it a worthy effort while the introduction by George Burns is a clear indication of the difficulties the studio encountered in marketing this film (Same with the remake of Solaris and Gibson??s Apocalypto. I mean, how do you market those movies? Remember the TV spots for Apocalypto where they actually had to intercut footage of Mel Gibson explaining what the movie was about? That??s never a good sign ?? no pun intended.) The second segment works while the first is a muddled mess, but hey ?? that??s why God created the ease of fast-forwarding with DVD (and Satan DivX, HD and Blu-ray).

Jacqueline N (gb) wrote: As much as I love this film, I hate the story. It's the mise-en-scene of Clair that makes it worth watching. The theme song is so lovely, I had it going through my head for days. Unique use of sound by Clair that differed from the many talkie films of that time.

David A (de) wrote: probably one of the stupidest movies I've seen but its so horrible that's its hilarious to watch this is a guilty pleasure

Eric S (ru) wrote: It's an interesting story, but it felt like it couldn't decide whether it should try to be funny or try to be serious, and wound up in an awkward spot somewhere in between.