Il rifugio

Il rifugio


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1918
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Il rifugio torrent reviews

bill s (de) wrote: Well at the least I was able to get an hour sleep during this movie.

sey g (br) wrote: The storyline touches on an adult issue of paedophilia. It is filled with sexual innuendos and blunt sexual suggestions but it does fall short in evoking the sympathy that comes with the issue of child abuse. The storyline panned out well by all the cast members however the projection in terms of the acting could have used more conviction in the execution of the dialogue. The lead Scout (Natasha)was outstanding though she still has room to grow. Whilst film may have been limited release the script was very promising and it is anything but boring. It simply lacked that awe factor or extra umph to make it a solid film.

Peyton C (it) wrote: Hilarious and well-acted, Zombieland is a hilarious horror comedy, that still holds up.

Ingela A (us) wrote: Disgrace is based on J.M. Coetzee's prize winning novel. Its central character is a an English professor in South Africa and his relationship with a number of women including one of his students, his daughter and a lover. It's about race, sex, revenge, redemption, moral ambiguities, what is right and what is wrong; above all it's about the complex nation that is South Africa. "Disgrace" is a worthy, worrying film; far more gritty docudrama than bloodless fiction

Shaun L (jp) wrote: Hyde is a horrible actor, Gackt is a good actor, it's an interesting movie. Hongo Kanata as young Gackt is awesome as well.

Leena L (mx) wrote: I give this one star only, and that is mainly because of the mad performance by Julianne Moore. Also Samuel L. Jackson does his part well, but Moore is the thing that makes the film move. Not that it moves much or anywhere but...... at least now I do not have to wonder what this film was about.......

Jessica H (ca) wrote: At times it sucks you in, but the rest of the time it's recycled snore.

Andr D (mx) wrote: Bobcat Goldwaith, el excentrico comico que se dio a conocer en cintas como "Police Academy 2", "One Crazy Summer" y "Hot To Trot" es de un talento poco apreciado. Su primera cinta como director es una experiencia tanto perturbadora como inolvidable. En su debut como director, Goldwaith encarna a Shakes, un payaso alcoholico pero con un gran don de ninos, que se enfrenta a payasos rivales (Adam SAndler) y a mimos pretenciosos (Robin Williams). Atacada por la critica en su tiempo, un fracaso rotundo de taquilla, pero en esta epoca de "South Park", "Family Guy" y "Krusty el Payaso" de "Simpsons", "Shakes The Clown" se ve como una obra magistral adelantada a su tiempo. No es para todos los publicos, pero indudablemente es todo un clasico de la comedia negra.

John W (fr) wrote: The end is dominated by the music, which is powerful.

Rodney E (mx) wrote: Of Unknown Origin is a rather simple story that could either be interpreted as stress and yuppiedom driving a man to insanity or a straight up man versus monster/rodent movie. It's mildly entertaining and offers Peter Weller essentially putting on a one man show as he destroys his apartment looking for the titular vermin.

Blais E (ca) wrote: Canadian entry in the "Mad Slasher" sweepstakes so prevalent in the 1980's, a minor Cult Classic directed by Paul Lynch, auteur of the earlier (And equally unadept) "Prom Night". A bunch of jerky jocks and boneheaded bimbos on a yacht outing maroon themselves on a grimey island inhabited by the enormous, hirsute social-misfit/titular entity only to be decimated one-by-one in typically vicious and unsubtle ways. While this is at times poorly-lit, has unremarkable acting, and brings nothing original or adds nothing new to an already overly-saturated genre, it is an enjoyable little trip through Exploitation/B-Grade Movie-Land, with some effective scares and an unsettling pall of forbidding throughout. And Joy Boushel is a pleasant sight to behold in her several shorn-of-clothing scenes, kind enough to share her ample charms with the male members of the audience.

Sue B (fr) wrote: 1963: The Year it was OK to have a Sexist Film like This One. All the young women are gorgeous and stupid!

Kyle B (mx) wrote: This is minor Hitchcock but that is still a pretty good movie. Great cast, writing, and cinematography though it did get a little too stagey after a while

Graham L (jp) wrote: Amazing, yet sobering film, that packs a real punch despite being 50 years old. Made over the backdrop of the Cold War, this tale still packs a punch today, as even now there is a feeling of a man-made apocolypse just around the corner, and the stupidity of mankind is as present now as it was then. Wonderfully imaginitive use of film tints, beautifully painted panoramas, great model-work, dramatic stock footage, authentic-looking documentary-style bits, and a convincing portrayal of claustrophobia, desperation, and despair. Plus, considering the age & budget of the film, surprisingly convincing and frightening weather effects. A triumph for the director, and an excellent performance by a great cast, including the beautiful, but tragic, Janet Munro.

Braxton B (fr) wrote: It's found footage, which I like, but I didn't care too much for the characters or the story.

Tony P (it) wrote: I actually saw this film in its cinema release a few years ago and just caught up with it on The Horror Channel.Basically the plot is based on a true story. Type in the dibuk box in your internet search engine.The film's plot is based on a US 2.4 children family who come into possession of a mysterious wooden box that doesn't open easily at a jumble sale.The youngest daughter eventually opens the box and becomes 'possessed' by its demonic content.What follows whilst interesting in its own right is a very Exorcist style film in which a religious exorcism (this time Jewish) has to free the girl from the demonic possession.The film stars nobody of note just very US TV film actors.The based on true events premise of the film adds some interest but many of the scenes are just the usual horror film clichs.