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Users reviews

Allan C (mx)

The story of prospector Ford and his greedy wife Lupino is an entertaining western melodrama, but the wraparound story just seemed like filler and bogged the film down. It was the right film, but the story unfolds in an unnecessary wrap around story about the grandson of Ford searching for his grandfather's lost gold mine. I was a bit confused when I started watching this film because I thought it was a western vehicle for Glenn Ford and Ida Lupino, but when neither of them show up for the first 20 minutes of the film, I started wondering if I'd recorded the right film

Darien S (nl)

Justin Bartha, who portrays Yosef, turns in a surprisingly dark dramatic role, when all I know him is from The Hangover, National Treasure, and some shitty movie that had Matthew McConnaIamnotevengoingtotryspellinghisname in it. This film is also pretty funny in a few parts. Also, his gradual downfall and assimilation in to the ecstasy smuggler trade as indicated by he slowly sheds all signs of his old life. The visual metaphors representing Sam Gold's isolation from both cultures he is apart of. The storytelling isn't anything of a revelation but its thematic structure is perfectly constructed. Jesse Eisenberg is superb, in probably his second best role (behind, of course, The Social Network). It is a decently made film that pits Jesse Eisenberg's character between two worlds: the Hasidic Jews and the mafia

Ice R (it)

. . . Sexual harrowing tale that leaves you speechless

JohnnyLee T (ru)

Perfect casting all round. It stands. Stands or falls by Welles' performance

Lori (au)

There are times when the filming could've been a bit better, but on the whole I found that the script had more interesting jokes than most movies I've seen lately

Mackenie S (br)

Want to see it just because of Olivia de Havilland

Muhammed S (kr)

Gave it a star just because it was a new installment. Horrible mockery of the cenobite legacy

Raji K (kr)

Night at the Museum has a family fun presence to it, but is only like to please the members in the 6-10 range as unfortunately Wilson, Stiller and Williams do not make entertaining enough for adults. He finds himself wrestling with the T-Rex, Teddy Roosevelt and Sacajawea to name a few. He soon finds that the job is more than he bargained for as all the creatures from the museum come to life at night. He finds the only job he can obtain is to be the night watchman at the local museum. Ben Stiller is in desperate need of work in Night at the Museum

Rebekah L (fr)

Ever. Quite possibly one of the best-worst movies I've ever seen

Robert G (de)

So don't take my thoughts on this movie to seriously. One heck of a weird flick, It is just not my cup of tea and of course I just could not get into it