Il solco di pesca

Il solco di pesca


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Will L (nl) wrote: Very good movie. If you're looking for a good old fashion gangster movie with some bullets, alcohol, and nice suits, this is it. But it also has some deep depressing situations of family, loss and disappointment. I like Ben's style. He's an awesome story teller.

Austin G (au) wrote: An over-hyped film that ends up just being good.

Nicolas K (jp) wrote: I am surprised that having witnessed a true story about a boy losing his innocence during the civil war in El Salvador with grueling pictures of the atrocities of war and the things a 11 year old goes through, I did not quite feel overwhelmed.


Alexander C (it) wrote: Hope that means what i think it means :P

Terri H (us) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Robert I (de) wrote: One of those cool indie movies featuring awesome actors before they were famous. I wish my flicks were like this.

Caleb C (mx) wrote: I remember seeing this and it was pure crap.

Jaden K (br) wrote: You know that free throws are Shaq's weakness? This movie is his worst nightmare.

Alfredo G (de) wrote: A prime example of Segal in his hey-day.

Cameron F (gb) wrote: More ridiculous tales in this unnecessary sequel.

Mike B (ag) wrote: Second worst movie ever.

Mickaw90 (de) wrote: Cheesy and dumb movie which not work on nowadays. Even Johnny Depp was a disappointment.

Jason C (nl) wrote: Your typical indie film with heavy emphasis of characters and their inter relations. Luckily About Alex (played by Jason Ritter) isn't as much about alex as it is about a small group of friends. This is also a pretty good cast. I'm a big fan of aubrey plaza and her snarky, witty roles that she places. Maggie Grace and Max Greenfield also star. Each characters gets to have some time interacting individually with all of the other characters for the most part. These scenes are really cool as you get to see some good acting and performances. Don't let the plot (attempted suicide) of this movie turn you away. It's a solid film.

Antoinnette F (gb) wrote: the movie makes you wish it happens in real life