Il soldato di ventura

Il soldato di ventura

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:battle,   fight,   revenge,  

Medieval soldier of fortune Ettore is travelling through Europe with his partners looking for fight where they can earn some money. When they come across a Spanish castle under siege by the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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al h (mx) wrote: brownie for my brownie!!

Dawn M (de) wrote: Interesting film featuring some stand out performances. Summer camp version of Glee but with way more angst.

Tonia W (fr) wrote: OMG! OMG! OMG! The movie moved me to pieces & tears.

Amanda B (us) wrote: Not as good as "The Lion King" but it was alright since it had lions in it :D

Tracy L F (jp) wrote: Sometimes your better off watching the sequal

Sharon J (ag) wrote: A heart-breaking and very moving film - yet inspiring and uplifting in equal measure. A fabulous film that details the very essence of mortality and life itself in a thought provoking way. Leads the audience to treasure and examine their own lives and sticks with you after the final scene. Highly recommended!

Randy B (jp) wrote: One of Carole's serious roles. This lady should have gotten an Oscar for this role. She is so believable.

Davika K (kr) wrote: This was a disapointment. I was let down.

Jonah H (fr) wrote: Another movie just doesn't go exactly like in the Bible and it mocks the true story of it

Steve G (kr) wrote: So, so awful.A couple of minutes in, & I already I realized it was going to be one of the worst movies I'd ever seen. The experience was laborious.There have been many expensive flops before, but never has so overwrought a production been so lacking in story. Spoiler: There is none. It makes Lawrence of Arabia look exhilarating. The most story-less story ever told. Completely unaffecting. Even when it hints at an interesting storyline, for a split second, it never follows it.Then they just sit there in grass for hours & get too easily impressed by each other. That's it.Redford goes against type by playing a wit. Though, doesn't stray too far, as another high-minded, 'Nam-inspired, peacenik dbag.Does Streep ever play an unannoying character? (Other than the time she was miscast as someone of reason & consequence in The Iron Lady.)Beautifully shot. That's about the only nice thing I can say.Other than the cinematography & music, there's really nothing good about it. More than anything, I feel for the poor Africans, who had to endure the excruciating boredom."Maybe the problem of the pacing is simply the nature of the beast these days with expensive period pieces. Once the difficult details are all in place, it may be too much to expect a director to resist milking every scene for more than it's worth." -Joe Bigelow