Il sorriso del capo

Il sorriso del capo


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Ryan G (jp) wrote: Amazing! The Chinese have turned the propaganda film into an art form all its own! What a glorious, eternal, and revealing piece of bull$%!t. I can't believe you stooped this low, J Chan.

Tristan M (es) wrote: Basing a movie during the war that focuses on a family in a occupied country is a sub genre of war film, and often turns out to be just a cheaper alternative. This movie isn't quite a movie about the resistance, rather a cheap war flick about being under rule of an opposing county. The acting, script and cinematography is pretty good, but it kinda falls short in plot. Helping a downed pilot is something we have seen a few times for sure, and this one isn't any better than others. The motorcycle chase after the horse drawn carriage is kinda dumb, and too unrealistic for this type of movie that otherwise try's to take the war seriously. The uncle who works for the Germans that the kid discovers is not really a wanted twist at all, and the end where he simply holds up the gun an shoots him was the worst thing they could have done, and something that when I realized it was a possible outcome, could only hope they wouldn't take the root. But in typical movie fashion they did, and just overdoes the kid who is already made to look to much of what could be called for a lack of a better name a action hero. Many scenes were too unbelievable, and everyone's ability to speak every language was also so. Other than these negative points the movie isn't bad, just glorified too much, but as a basic movie about the home front for enjoyment level and family friendly it's a good show, just strays to far from history for my liking.

Tron D (br) wrote: $5 says he pokes his eyes out again at the end. Silly foreign films. Guaranteed to put people to sleep in minutes.

Joseph H (es) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Avant G (de) wrote: First it seemed like a silly movie. There is, clearly, a huge exaggeration on Angelique's part: she lives an obsession with a man who, apparently, does not love her and neither loves his wife. Then, there is a twist, and it all makes (no) sense, when we become aware of what Loic and his wife go through because of Angelique. This movie depicts beautifully a scenario of insane obsession, and the apparent innocence and sweetness of the main character not only postpones, at first, our perception of what is really going on, but also makes us wonder why does she act like and on and on if Loic doesn't care about her. The twist is disturbing but also the reason why the movie is good.Keywords: obsession, erotomania, twist.

Rob W (fr) wrote: How can anyone say they have watched this? The film is mostly lost.

Cinema F (us) wrote: In a way that recalls Oliver Stone's work and Coppola's style in Gardens of Stone, director Michael Winterbottom interpolates into his recreation of a warzone excerpts from an actual news coverage. And in doing so, this makes the drama more immediate and powerful. Winterbottom's stylistic concept in terms of structure was to give the film a sense of being divided into chapters that were terse, tense and affecting. The intercutting of the news footage with the film material creates a jolting effect as the story flips back and forth between drama and the wider context. The story follows a group of journalists who spend their days braving the front lines, searching for footage that will guarantee them a prime slot on their local newscast. Their adage: To get the story they're prepared to risk everything. Granted, the flick testifies to the toll that war takes on families and communities. Yet amidst all of the horrow it shows, also suggests the immense goodness that war can compel, from Michael's decision to take one of the children home to the UK and away from the war, to the sense of loyalty that one of the young Sarajevan men shows Michael. And yes, the people of Sarajevo resisted the siege by trying to carry on as normal, shopping and socialising with style and grace in the teeth of this montrous inhumanity. Using archival news footage of politicians, the film makes straightforward, pointed comments about the absence of support for the victims of the war.

Kylie B (jp) wrote: Let's see, have we got improbable inventions created by a man who was discredited in his field? Check. Mysterious bodily marks? Check. A cheesy soundtrack, bright red blood, spider-like demons? Check all round. Congratulations, it's a Japanese B-movie! Or at least, I assume it's a B-movie. Hiruko isn't a classic in the traditonal sense, it's not good enough for that. Instead, it's a viewing experience you'll probably remember for a long time due to the pure enjoyment factor. For every bit of cheesy acting there will be one scene or idea that will really grab you, particuarly if you're a horror veteran. I found that it picked up quite a lot towards the end, once we were actually given some plot you can stop wondering what the hell it's all about and just enjoy the madness of it all. I especially liked the motion shots done from the goblin's point of view, complete with the creature breathing heavily from exertion. Verdict: difficult to say. Watch to say you have. I enjoyed watching it, but can't tell if I like it or not. Possibly will watch again at some point.

Chris F (jp) wrote: You get zero stars, Alone in the Dark. ZERO. An indecipherable, convoluted mess that makes absolutely no sense.

Phillie E (kr) wrote: Not your typical alien flick.

Alec B (jp) wrote: Dante is the right director for this material and whenever the screenplay gets away from him (which is quite often) he is usually able to salvage the movie with an inspired gags or two.