Il tenente dei carabinieri

Il tenente dei carabinieri

Carabinieri's lieutenant Duilio Cordelli is in charge to investigate on a fake banknotes traffic. He discovers that a 60 billion lira bank robbery is linked with his case. Things get more ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diego Martn (gb) wrote: La primera parte esta mejor,ya que para mi no es una peli para hacer mas de una parte 6/10

Lora N (fr) wrote: Showing tonight at CIFF: Dec 2, 2011 7:30pm at the Goethe

Richard B (kr) wrote: I found this documentary on Netflix after trying to find some good true crime documentaries on Netflix and this one had some horror aspects as well. The documentary is pretty creepy for the most part and there are some twists that you don't really see coming. That being said, the film isn't made particularly well and seems kind of shot like The Blair Witch Project (maybe they should have marketed this different and it could have been popular).

Ben D (br) wrote: You know movie, all I wanted you to be was 4 attractive girls embarrassing a douchey guy for an hour and a half. How could you screw that up? It's so easy! But no. You had to go and completely ruin it with tasteless jokes and pointless conflicts that don't matter because you already know how things are going to turn out! You had one job movie, one job! And you failed miserably at it.

LLa Shorty LokitaC B (fr) wrote: this girl want quinceanera but her dad say no she keep tell her mom about it and one day they find out she pregant and she can't see her vato for some odd resone it sad her grandpa die and they have nothing to go i mean her cousin carlos is bad and drugs at the end she had quinceanera and everything was okay it sad movie young lady that want her dream came true.she find out she was pregnant and her boyfriend dont wanna see her anymore.i mean i thought he love her but he such a dump ass.her grandapa die and she was try find job but she couldnt and those white boys try tell them to move out but her cousin carlos was mad so they move some place and she got evertthing she want it

Noname (us) wrote: More goofy hilarious scenes in this 3rd scary movie and this time its directed by David Zucker (Naked Gun , Police Squad) so it feels generally better than the 1st and 2nd in the quality part but aswell the humor level. There are some new actors aswell like Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielsen. But of course Anna Faris is back as Cindy. The movie makes pretty nice parody of "Signs" and "The RIng" mainly and a few more. Anyway i thinks its a solid sequel but just an average flick like the rest of the scary movies.

John T (us) wrote: After watching this, you really feel like going out to a club, which is what makes this movie awesome. You feel it.

James D (gb) wrote: Yes I liked it. Liked Quaid and the dragon interaction. Rest of the cast was iffy at best besides the monk that is.

Justin R (it) wrote: One of my childhood favorites.

John K (br) wrote: KING OF THE ELEPHANTS!!!

Noam R (mx) wrote: from the nostalgic cupboard of my early adulthood

Seto K (br) wrote: Casey Neistat's bring me here!

Calvin R (au) wrote: Men in Black has a solid script, spectaclar set, charismatic performance by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This was very entertaining, and great all at the same time!

James O (mx) wrote: Looks like an independent channel 4 film but worse. The first half hour is tedious, slow and accompanied almost constantly with a violin note. I didn't get much further.

Mark W (it) wrote: In 1995 a young Edward Burns came onto the film scene with independent, family drama The Brothers McMullen and followed it up with equally impressive films like She's The One and Sidewalks of New York. Not everyone took notice but those that did began to compare Burns' writing and directing style to that of fellow New Yorker Woody Allen (without the neurosis). However, after his crime drama Ash Wednesday in 2002 people seemed to stop taking notice and Burns' directorial efforts disappeared from the limelight. He was still making films and even though I was a big admirer of his earlier stuff, even I had forgotten all about his more personal projects... until this one landed in my lap.The Fitzgerald's are a big Irish-American family that have no shortage of problems. There are seven siblings who all look out for one another but when their estranged father wants to return home for Christmas after walking out 20 years ago, the siblings (and their mother) all have to work through their feelings and resentment towards him. Those going into this expecting a happy family Yuletide event will certainly not get what they're expecting. As far as Christmas films go this one isn't filled with much cheer. In fact, the only reason it seems to be set around Christmas time is solely to stage an event where all the characters are forced to come together. It's a dysfunctional family drama that, once again, showcases Burns' astute eye and ear for natural characters and dialogue. With a plethora of different personalities onscreen, Burns makes it look effortless as he affords everyone the time and space to grow and develop their roles and crafts a impressive and sensitively handled ensemble piece.In his impressively handling of the narrative strands and personal problems of his characters, Burns never forces anything. He lets the flawed individuals speak for themselves and he's aided by a solid cast that bring just the right amount of humour and heartbreak to proceedings without ever resorting to sentimentality.Family dynamics has been the forte of Edward Burns' writing over the years and it would seem that he still has plenty to say on the matter. This may not be as solid as his debut but it's a perceptive piece nonetheless and Burns' continual independent filmmaking is deserving of a bigger audience. Like I say, it's not the holiday cheer you might expect but also not a depressant either. It finds itself neatly under the mistletoe with a welcome embrace and a reminder that forgiveness can make a huge difference. Mark Walker

Damon R (jp) wrote: This is one of the best WWII movies ever made. It goes on the list with Miracle at St. Anna and Saving Private Ryan.