Il venditore di morte

Il venditore di morte

Four people are killed in a saloon hold-up. The townspeople pin the murders on local no-count black sheep Chester Conway. Lawyer Jeff Plummer and prostitute Polly Winters don't believe that...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   comic relief,   gun,  

Four people are killed in a saloon hold-up. The townspeople pin the murders on local no-count black sheep Chester Conway. Lawyer Jeff Plummer and prostitute Polly Winters don't believe that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leigh G (de) wrote: Suspenseful in places, the hand-held approach intercut with other perspectives made the film hard to follow in places.

Daniel S (jp) wrote: First heard about this playing at tiff 2011, and now its finally available, its got a great set up, ive always thought mental asylums are creepy places, and to be stuck there with no power and the inmates loose is a scary thought, but after the set up, the film didnt really have a clear idea of where to go, it still looks great with dark settings and a foreboding tone, but some of the acting is pretty bad at times amongst the leads, just bad overacting, and the ending really sucked, just a shame to think that this had the potential to be really good but they blew it

Lorraine G (br) wrote: Want to see the British version

Dax S (it) wrote: Enjoyable, but weird.

Halle S (gb) wrote: So horribly boring that it is unintentionally funny.

Private U (nl) wrote: Another very powerful film about a group overlooked during WWII, like so many.

Ciara T (us) wrote: it's stupid but i liked it

Arun K (br) wrote: You never thought Sanjay Dutt can do so well in comedy .. Govinda as usual is awesome .. especially when he woos Aruna Irani

Ryan C (ru) wrote: It was alright, but nothing out of the ordinary romance films that come out. It is very easy to tell what is going to take place next so there are no surprises that await around the corner. The development isn't too great in either of the characters, especially in Wright's character who starts well, but just becomes a girl chasing a fantasy. Costner didn't really have too much to do and played almost the same scene over and over and didn't contribute very much to any scene.It needs more depth, and a little unpredictability like the ending to really bring it full circle. Without the death of Costner at the end, it may not even have been made into a movie.

Diego Ignacio P (de) wrote: What?, WHAT?, I WAS SAWING THIS STUPID MOVIE FOR THIS!?, You Cant Be Serious!, BUT THIS MOVIE SUCKS!

Zachary Y (mx) wrote: Soderbergh, shot-for-shot is at the top of his game. The script is not. Kafka is lost in translation.

David J (au) wrote: In this classic comedy, some gags hit the mark and some miss tremendously.

Camille L (gb) wrote: Il ne manque qu'un fil rouge a BRUBAKER pour etre un film reellement passionnant. Cette petite chose l'empeche meme d'etre inoubliable, ce qui est dommage, tant l'interpretation (et la fin du film) sont parfaites. STUART ROSENBERG dirige sans genie un film qui ne manque pas sa cible, mais qui manque de cinema. Dommage.

Grace A (gb) wrote: In the comedy, "Bruce Almighty", Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is passed over for a job as anchorman on their local news channel. He believes that God is forgetting his needs and blatantly ignoring him. God (Morgan Freeman) contacts Bruce and gives him all his powers as a test for Bruce to show that he can do a better job. With his new powers, Bruce uses them for himself until he realizes the world's prayers are being unanswered. Before writing this review, I have watched Bruce Almighty countless times. It's my favorite movie, it's funny, and my sister and I enjoy watching it together because it's a very family friendly film.Based on the first category, Action, I would give this movie an A. There's little suspense, but the comedy in the film keeps the viewer interested. A good example of action in this film is when Bruce runs into a group of gang members beating on a homeless man, later he runs into the same group, this time, scaring them off using his newly found powers.This movie deserves an A in the category, Actors. Jim Carrey is so funny and outgoing but also believably serious when he is needed to be. A great example of this is when he asks Grace (his ex girlfriend) to come back to him and give him another chance (serious). When she refused he tried to use his powers to make her love him again even when he knew he couldn't go against free will (goofy). I gave Bruce Almighty an A in the category, storyline. The story is wacky, funny, and easy to follow. An example of putting comedy into this movie is when Bruce went to the cafe right after gaining God's powers and prating the tomato soup, resembling the parting of the red sea mentioned in the Bible.In my opinion, this film is an A in length.The runtime is about an hour and 40 minutes long. The movie is not extremely long but it's long enough to keep the viewers interested and you definitely feel satisfied by the end.In the category, cinematography, I rated this film a B. It doesn't have horrible editing and effects but they're not extremely impressive or believable. An example of this is when Bruce was filming a segment on his news channel and wanted to bring interest, so, using his powers, he made a meteorite crash down in the distance. Not fabulous editing but it made it funny.As a result, in my opinion, this move has 4 A's and 1 B. It's a great family movie and it's funny, Interesting, goofy, and some-what sad at times. It's perfect for late movie nights if you're looking for a good laugh.

Shantel D (fr) wrote: Classic. The final story with the troll is my favorite!!

Jill R (ca) wrote: A decent movie now this is not awful but it's not great the characters aren't very likeable and there a bit dull the dance scenes are amazing though this was a decent movie not awful but far from greatGrade C+

Ralph R (kr) wrote: Hot little indie flick, the Hollywood ending was disappointing, but Jamie Bell does a great job as an American teenage and for a movie made on the cheap and in a hurry, the movie is well worth your time.

Stefanie F (kr) wrote: Fantastic movie, utterly hilarious, and made all the better if you know the employees of Rooster Teeth really well.