Il viale della speranza

Il viale della speranza

Joys and disappointments of three young girls who dreaming of making a career in film: Luisa has talent and triumphs; Franca tries to seduce a producer, however no artistic skills, Giuditta, the most inexperienced and naive, will have to choose between the dream of cinema and the reality of a marriage.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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PY C (es) wrote: The movie is very intense but quite slow as well. I don't expect much of a twist or anything but the movie did not impact me or is particularly thought provoking.

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Ja V (jp) wrote: I love THIS MOVIE! especially Hrithik Roshan he's such a good actor.I just saw the movie now and i want to repeat it over again , also love the story Krishna being a super hero which is also called as Krrish, I thought the movie was entitled Black superman and I searched over the net turned out the title was wrong.I also love the song even though I don't understand it but the tune was nice and also the dancing this movie really shows the culture INdia.

Pansy G (es) wrote: Cutesy, but not a bad relationship film.

Sammi L (au) wrote: Loved it. Not exactly sure the talking fish was necessary, neither do I think this was really a comedy (even black comedies struggle with topics like abortions and drunken hit-and-runs!), but as a drama I thought it was brilliant. Reminded a bit of "fallen from grace" Amelie. Despite the dishonesty of Bibiane, she remains a likeable character.

Jason W (ag) wrote: Ok the only reason this movie exists is because you think you'll get to see Amanda Peet nude. No seriously, that's why. Otherwise there is no reason anyone would watch this movie, it's retarded. Go see The Whole Nine Yards.

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Ian S (jp) wrote: Good Evil Dead style fun

Jordan A (es) wrote: While most sci-fi action sequels surpass the original, this one failed to do so with bad acting and characters, a villain that is laughable and lame and did I mention an 11 year old boy is one of the henchmen. Totally tasteless and lacks formula in every area of filmmaking.

Tim S (au) wrote: Chuck Norris movies aren't really my cup of tea, but what films of his that I've seen I've enjoyed, and this is one of them. Silent Rage is basically what would happen if you pitted Michael Myers up against Chuck Norris. Now that sounds like a great premise, but it doesn't actually take place until the final act. The rest of the film involves mad doctors, bikers, brawlers, terrible policemen and a sort of love story between Chuck Norris and his lady friend. This movie is also notable for having Ron Silver, Stephen Furst, Brian Libby and a favorite of mine, William Finley. The movie itself isn't all that great, but there are sporadic moments of enjoyment to be had. It's mostly forgotten nowadays, but thanks to Hot Fuzz and Rifftrax, the movie has resurfaced a little for fans of action and horror movies. Definitely worth at least a watch.

Dean H (mx) wrote: An essential Zapata/Revolutionary western. One of Tomas Milian's best performances accompanied by one of Morricone's most underrated scores.

Ian W (au) wrote: I have never seen this series before and I have to say I enjoyed this. I can see why it is a classic and helped make Clint Eastwood a household name.

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