Il volpone

Il volpone

Ugo Maria Volpone is a very rich shipowner. He dissimulates to be close to die in order to have the attention of three of his friends: Corvino, Voltore and Corbaccio. The three accepts ...

Ugo Maria Volpone is a very rich shipowner. He dissimulates to be close to die in order to have the attention of three of his friends: Corvino, Voltore and Corbaccio. The three accepts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glyn J (it) wrote: Excellent Christmas film for the family, not sure why it scores so low on Flixster and IMDB! A lot of fun.

Walter M (nl) wrote: In "Fort Bliss," Staff Sergeant Maggie Swann(Michelle Monaghan) arrives back in the states, the day after saving a soldier's life from an IED ambush in Afghanistan. But instead of the emotional reunion she was expecting with her five year old son Paul(Oakes Fegley), her ex-husband Richard(Ron Livingston) shows up late without him. At least, he brings the jumper cables that are necessary to start her car. In any case, Paul seems rather attached to Alma(Emmanuelle Chriqui), Richard's younger girlfriend, which is a situation Maggie desperately wants to rectify. While not the definitive statement on life in the military, "Fort Bliss" is still a thoughtful character study that benefits greatly from an excellent and sincere performance from Michelle Monaghan.(On the other hand, Ron Livingston is definitely miscast.) In other words, it is about somebody who has found her role in the army which is not for everyone. At the same time in a movie that is very much concerned with memory, Maggie has to work to insure that her son will never forget her.

Mathyou C (ru) wrote: Ozu + Bresson + Beer + Rock and Roll = Aki Kaurismki

Martin H (es) wrote: An easy to watch dark comedy starring the wonderful Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal yet they are surpassed by a terrific performance by THE GOONIES Anne Ramsey has Momma. 7/10

Panta O (ru) wrote: The Hunter (Persian: Shekarchi) is drama directed by and starring Rafi Pitts. It is a movie which was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival. Before I write about the movie, few words about Rafi Pitts: he was born 1967 in Iran, and spent his childhood in Tehran, where he lived in a basement flat underneath a post-production studio. During the war between Iran and Iraq, in 1981, he fled the country and moved to Britain. There he graduated in 1991 Film and Photography and since then makes movies... mostly not Iranian though... this one is officially listed as a German/Iranian production. The story of Ali, who was recently released from prison, and now works during the night trying to spend most time possible with his beautiful wife and young daughter, was very engaging and well developed. We find out that Ali likes to retreat to his favourite pastime of hunting in the secluded forest north of town. One day his wife and daughter went missing... Ali finds out that his wife Sara is accidentally killed in a police shoot-out with demonstrators... and he decides to make things "right". This feature film was recommended to me by couple of RT friends and I finally managed to get a copy of it. It is well developed movie, screenplay doesn't have too many words but says a lot, and acting was superb! Especially when towards the end the three men are surrounded by trees, lost in a maze, a desolate landscape, where the boundaries between the hunter and the hunted are difficult to perceive. But my problem is to understand: what was the point of all of the events in this movie!?

Tim S (jp) wrote: I put on Exorcist II: The Heretic expecting a film that was totally the antithesis of its predecessor and something that might smudge the original's mystique in some way. Thankfully, that's not the case at all. It's a completely different film, but it's going for its own thing. I don't think any sequel to the original Exorcist will ever fully work, no matter who you get to do it and how hard they try. John Boorman poured himself into this film and the work shows. Unfortunately, it's not something that totally paid off. People have been calling this a horrible film for years, and I would have to disagree. While it's not an overly terrible movie, it's certainly not perfect by any means. However, there is lots of interesting imagery on display and some thought-provoking ideas going on and that's enough to keep me interested. It's painfully slow to sit through, but I think it's worth the time it takes to see it.

Greg W (br) wrote: year s/b 1934 not 2003

Jim O (de) wrote: Way, way, way before homosexuality and bisexuality was discussed, this movie tackled the subject in a witty but serious way that does not treat homosexuals like a gratuitous prop (modern drama/comedies). It explores boundaries in a way that is just fun and not condescending. It is a love story, a class story, and an exploration into Gen X before Gen X really knew itself. This movie is Kevin Smith's best film (although I loved the original Clerks). One of the nest sex discussions ever happens between Amy and Banky in a Russo-Gibson Lethal Weapon 3-esque tit-for-tat over love making scars. This is a love story that is just awesome and funny.

Andrew D (br) wrote: A devastating, beautiful, and relentlessly despairing tragic nightmare that is the cinematic equivalent of Murphy's Law. It's also gut-wrenching, depressing, disturbing, moving, horrifying, and darkly funny. I'm surprised by how many people say they'll only watch this once. It never gets old, and I am affected by every viewing. Everything about this film is amazing - the acting, direction, editing, score, cinematography, writing, and story come together to make a technical masterpiece and a unique visual and aural experience. All the actors are excellent but Ellen Burstyn is heartbreaking - her incredible performance was robbed at the Oscars.My favorite film.

Jillian S (ag) wrote: LOVED IT! For once I didn't hate Tom Arnold, sadly can't say the same for Bill Paxton. Jamie Lee Curtis was adorable, weird and just a tad clumsy but still attractive and I love her! Great story, funny with enough action to keep it from being a romantic comedy.

David B (es) wrote: Wonderful, Marvel does it again