Ill Manors

Ill Manors

Ensemble film revolving around characters living in Forest Gate, London. Over the course of a few days, six inter-linking stories explore issues of drug use, prostitution and urban poverty.

A film is starring by Riz Ahmed, Ed Skrein, Lee Allen who portray drug trafficker, user & prostitute . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erica S (it) wrote: terrible acting! nothing like the first one, played 10 minutes of it and took it out, do not waste your money on this crappy movie

Sergiox V (de) wrote: No entiendo para que deteriorar algo que construyes muy bien..... y que onda con ese final?

Ben F (it) wrote: This film is very likable, for some reason. Robot fights and family drama still work, when helmed by Hugh Jackman!

Jabbas P (mx) wrote: severely underrated , yes the book was better but isn't it always with Stephen King

Aliya D (ru) wrote: Compelling, riveting, shocking and soul crushing... This documentary has a lot going for it, and one serious flaw. The filming is intriguing and insightful, getting the viewer into the lives of the children living on the streets of Bucharest (or rather under it in a subway station). It's really disturbing, too, to see commuters in stiletto heals walk unconcernedly by these children laying on makeshift cardboard beds. Following the lives of 5 of these kids was terrible, hopeful and tearful, all at the same time. The serious flaw in the documentary is that there's no film time relegated to the former dictator Couseau's anti-contraceptive and anti-abortion laws that caused some of these problems (most of them, probably). I felt that the film makers should've gone to the higher ups in government and interviewed them for the documentary, allowing the viewer a chance to see where these laws were made and then (in the subway) their effects. Not doing this led to a serious imbalance in the character of what this documentary was supposed to be about.

Caesar B (gb) wrote: Has it's moments of intrigue, but ultimately fails to trigger real interest.

BruceGifford J (fr) wrote: Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford are very good in this film. The film had a strong main cast which is a major factor in why this film seems better than it probably is. The concept is good enough to please most horror and supernatural thriller fans. However, the first half of the film is very slow and filled with many scenes that seem unnecessary and pointless to the movie as a whole. It picks up very well for the second half and as a very intense and thrilling final act, even though the very last part of the climax is a bit ridiculous and gets over the top very fast once they finish with the first and most original part of the climax. That bathtub scene towards the beginning of the climax had me on the edge of my seat biting my nails. I just wish there was a better pacing towards the beginning and I wish the climax would have been slightly shorter so it didn't get out of hand. If those things would have been fixed, I would have had no problem giving the film a 4 stars.

Edward C (au) wrote: Godzilla 2000(2000)Starring: Takehiro Murata, Shiro Sano, Hiroshi Abe, Naomi Nishida, and Mayu SuzukiRun Time:1 hour and 40 minutesDirected By:Takao OkawaraReviewWith a title like Godzilla 2000, the ones who don't like Godzilla or barely now anything about the monster will ask is it the year it came out or the 2000 film released in japan. In 1995 Toho killed off Godzilla,in 1998 Tristar raped the name, but If you are like me and you saw commercials for this when you were a child but never saw the film don't worry it is definitely worth your time.In Godzilla 2000 their is a group of people who call themselves the Godzilla protection network, which is lead by Yuji while his daughter helps him out and makes a new member named Yuki sign paperwork so she can take pictures of Godzilla like in the films opening. A submarine finds a giant float disc or UFO that looks like it has dirt all over it, that was awakened by the submarines light. Eventually the army tries to come take down Godzilla(like every other movie)but inevitably fails as the UFO moves and projects itself with the suns rays and fly's towards Godzilla and shoots a powerful beam at him and leaves. It doesn't turn into a full blown giant monster until the final act of the film It morphs into it's final form by extracting Godzilla's DNA because of it's regenerative healing that was found by Yuki. And the monster's have their final fight.Through the course of watching all of the Godzilla films you might notice their purpose as I have. The purpose of Godzilla movies are to entertain,and while I would advise you to go for the more heartfelt and meaningful film with emotions so you can feel something if it's fun, entertainment you want look no further. This movie is well handled with it's much more enhanced idea on a world with Godzilla,with good fun. You would believe that if their was a Godzilla alive that there would be a Godzilla protection or Godzilla squad of some sort. Which is something you might admire about this film. The nice little touches is the new design of Godzilla for the millennium, which is something the american version should of done, it kept the overall impression but a few new changes to the spines on his back and the color of his atomic breath. Their is also a good amount of explosions that look pretty good for it's time. The disappointing things about the film is that while it is cool to have the Godzilla protection network in the film, I wasn't all that on board with the other's like the Shiro or Mitsuo I don't know why they just seemed quite unlikable. But if your in this for the entertainment value go ahead and be my guest it is most definitely worth your time.Godzilla 2000, is one of the most enjoyable takes on the king of the monsters, with a unique new opponent,the concept of the Godzilla protection unit and the entertainment value is quite high your going to enjoy yourself. I give Godzilla 2000 a four out of five.

Kevin L (br) wrote: This movie was good to watch with my seven year old that plays coach pitch baseball. The reoccurring theme is to have remember to have fun while playing a game you love. In the vein of The Sandlot movies, this movie can take you back to your childhood. It is worth a look.

Stuart A (au) wrote: "Walter Mattau, Jack Lemmon, this can't fail to be awesome", I thought. How wrong I was. Still better than Zombieland though. Lost interest towards the end & started rooting through boxes for an old Blur album I haven't heard for years. Didn't find it. All told, a frustrating evening.

Paavo L (nl) wrote: Tuossa maanantaina tuli teemalta legendaaristen Hammer ja Shaw brothers yhtioiden yhteistyontuotos. Kreivi Dracula on ottanut kiinalaisen hemmon ulkokuoren kayttoonsa ja herattaa kiinasta 6 kultaista vampyyria meuhkaamaan nimiinsa. Dracula on ilmeisesti ajoituksen mestari silla hanen arkkivihollisensa professori Van Helsingin sattuu olemaan luennoimassa kiinanmaalla vampyyreista. Loppu onkin sitten arvattavissa. Heti alussa kannattee panna merkille kuinka sujuvasti Dracula ymmartaa kiinan pojan puhetta ja kiinan poika Draculan englantia. Hammerin legendaarisin Draculan nayttelija Christopher Lee kieltaytyi roolista luettuaan kasikirjoituksen. Noh kyllahan tata on valilla vaikea vakavasti ottaa, mutta pitkan linjan nayttelija Peter Cushing oli kuitenki saatu mukaan Van Helsingin rooliin. Oikealla asennoitumisella tama on ihan ok kertakayttoviihdetta, mutta jos joku hakee vakavasti otettavaa mestariteosta niin tama kannattee kiertaa kaukaa.

Gavin S (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this quite a bit. There were bits where I thought, wow a couple of the guys in Journey are a little racist "I didn't even know if he could speak English" and "How is some guy from the Third World going to adjust to being in this life?" (Pineda is Filipino, not quite Darfur here...) But what I most enjoyed was the story of a guy who really did have a rough life ending up with the chance of a lifetime. I don't imagine he'll be one to get jaded when he sings "Don't Stop Believing" because it seems like he didn't, and he can sing it without sounding trite. It's also interesting to see him try and adjust, and learn how to make it through a tour and life on the road. I left feeling like the rhythm section of Ross Valory and Deen Castronovo were the ones who were really into Arnel as a person and that he was awesome, whereas Neil Schon and Jonathan Cain seemed more worried about Journey the band and how this was going to work out for them. They all seemed genuine enough, but Schon and Cain struck me as being a little more distant and at times, mildly condescending. That being said, Pineda has an amazing voice and his energy is exactly what a bunch of middle aged white dudes need to re-energize what was once a much bigger band. The success they have now is due in many ways to Pineda's appeal, and that he's not just a Steve Perry replica. I would be very interested to hear what Perry thinks of Pineda. Good doc.