Illegal in Blue

Illegal in Blue

A cop taking personal leave after he witnesses money stolen from the police property room becomes involved with a beautiful singer who may have killed her husband.

A cop taking personal leave after he witnesses money stolen from the police property room becomes involved with a beautiful singer who may have killed her husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Illegal in Blue torrent reviews

Raivis (gb) wrote: emotional and interesting movie. one of best disaster movie what i have seen in past several years.

Charles W (it) wrote: Great Movie!!! Soundtrack is perfectly placed. Good old school jams. Nice transitions. This movie ties in right with the rest of the MCU with the introduction of an infinity stone. CG is elite. Cast all blend together and works well with each other. visual and comedic excellence. This movie will bring a non comic book fan into the world with little resistance.

Willian S (kr) wrote: estilo lemlista sobre a setima arte com bastante sexualidade...

Trinity C (de) wrote: Cool! A post-apocalyptic movie!

Reno V (kr) wrote: "AN ORGY ON A YACHT TURNS DEADLY" - 'Donkey Punch' is a 2008 British low-budget thriller by Oliver Blackburn. Although the storyline is simple and the acting is not that good, I was able to enjoy the film. Seven young people want to party on a luxurious yacht, but the drugs, alcohol and sex leads them to deadly (bloody) situations. The name of the film filled with senseless violence and explicit nudity, 'Donkey Punch', refers to a sexual act. 'This Party Has Gone Overboard'. After dumping her boyfriend, Tammi is taken to Mallorca in Spain to party with her two best friends, Lisa and Kim. In a fancy club, they meet Bluey, Josh and Marcus. They spend the whole day with the three young men at the beach. The guys tell them that they are crewmembers of a yacht and invite the girls to join them on a trip at sea. Although Tammi has doubts, Kim and Lisa agree. On the yacht they meet Sean, brother to Josh, who is responsible while the owner is away. After taking off, Bluey tells his friends about the 'Donkey Punch'. It's slapping a womans neck while having doggystyle sex to intensify a man's pleasure. Using lots of alcohol and drugs, Kim, Lisa, Bluey, Josh and Marcus go to the bedroom and start an orgy, while Tammi and Sean stay on deck to talk about their lives. Things go wrong when Josh performs a donkey punch on one of the girls...

M C (ag) wrote: A quirky low budget movie that proves it's offbeat humor tops lots of what's in theaters now. 72/100

Alice V (kr) wrote: Violent from start to finish, but it's still one of my favourite films to stick on when I'm bored. Sean Bean is one of my favourite actors, and I loved him in this.

Waleed A (de) wrote: fun adventure movie with the addition of a great character in Gollum. the final battle scene was epic (about 4 viewings)

Michael H (fr) wrote: I love this one, especially Vince Vaughn's shirts.

tonya (mx) wrote: Matthew D. needs to smoke one for mankind, and chill out, that movie was cool as hell!

jimmy r (us) wrote: I was pretty bored with this one, I must admit. This is one of those rare occasions where it is 100% me, in MY mind. It's not that I hated it, I just didn't like was watchable

Kyle S (br) wrote: A perfect movie (aside from some of the side characters' acting)

Christopher B (nl) wrote: I liked this. Has a great feel and is well-acted.

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: An alright movie. Wish Gerard Butler was in it more.

Stacy W (kr) wrote: The movie I watched at 5am when I was a kid. Cheesier than Mac&Cheese.

David K (br) wrote: I own this title on dvd, definitely one worth watching