Illicit Behavior

Illicit Behavior

Mike Yarnell is a burnt out cop, who is being investigated by internal affairs. When he begins taking out his frustration on his wife, she turns to the man handling her husband's case for protection. However, there's more to her than what meets the eye.

Melissa Yarnell is the wife of burned-out cop Mike Yarnell who takes out his frustrations out on her. When she stood her limit, she turns to Matt Walker and Bill Tanner, other cops for protection. Their advances border on Illicit Behavior. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke K (de) wrote: This movie was awesome!!!!!

Dave (us) wrote: This is movie you will find booked full for a private screening for churh /bible. Script is good .. persons scripting is awfull. I rate this from a point of movies aren't study guide nor is any form of entertainment a means for teaching!?

Mloy X (mx) wrote: Lucille (Vanessa Paradis) [standing up to Victor]"The newspapers were right. There IS a monster in Paris, and I'm looking right at him!"This was a fairly cute film with a very ambitious plot; honestly the film could have done away with Emile's subplot altogether and it would not have affect the outcome of the film. The real meat of the story pretty much revolved around Francoeur (Sean Lennon), Lucille (Vanessa Paradis), Raoul (Adam Goldberg), and Prfet Maynott (Danny Huston). Vanessa Pardis has a wonderful singing voice and she made Lucille sound simply ethereal. Sean Lennon's voice was good and a touch haunting as well, which lends an extra gothic element to Francoeur. There were some slow points in the (namely Emile's story arc) and the dance number was just a bit oddly animated, it detracted from the film a bit (I mean, granted this isn't exactly Disney / Pixar) , but other than that, this was truly entertaining with a decent message. It's good enough to watch at least once.

Brian W (it) wrote: Funny stuff...I enjoyed it.

Kevin C (au) wrote: I cannot get this thing out of my head. Lovely and subtly horrific.

Drew S (kr) wrote: Lemming is handsomely acted by 3/4ths of its principal cast and never dull by any means, but the sum of these parts sort of falls short. The movie could have ended at the 45-minute mark and I wouldn't have missed anything, save a hokey dash of the supernatural and an excruciating protraction of an already hamfisted metaphor. I turned the movie off not feeling too satisfied. Lemming is pervaded with characters making illogical choices in interaction. When someone in a film acts strangely, I enjoy trying to figure out why with the information a viewer has that the other person in the dialogue may not; it's an interesting dramatic technique that helps you get behind both the characters and their actions. Unfortunately, this happens all the time in Lemming but the motives are never really clear. It felt like the characters were being obtuse for the sake of keeping each other in the dark and manufacturing misunderstandings, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Learn how to communicate like the normal people you supposedly are and maybe this shit won't happen to you! I really had a lot of trouble sympathizing with the characters because of this, but the strong portrayals sort of recoup lost ground here. Charlotte Gainsbourg is a great fit in her part - I always enjoy seeing her in movies because she's clement and effortless, much like her even-tempered Benedicte here. Laurent Lucas, who I definitely don't remember from Who Killed Bambi (not that I remember much about that movie), is also surprisingly effective. He radiates a sort of loyal intensity, a quality that makes you believe in his devotion to his wife even when the script isn't really. Charlotte Rampling's screen time is brief but she is an imposing specter, lingering through the movie. Seeing the effects that radiate from her presence is the most interesting part of a movie that usually just dead-ends itself. The only weak link here is Andre Dussollier, whose IMDB page suggests that he's one of those prolific character actors that just don't really give a shit. His one mode of expression here would corroborate this, but as he's the least important character in the movie, I guess things could be worse. I wasn't particularly expecting much from the movie, and that's just about what I got. I put it on my Netflix queue because I am quite fond of both of the Charlottes and wanted to see how they would fare in a thriller. The answer: they are disserviced by their material. Entertaining but sort of watery, Lemming's content probably doesn't justify its run time, unless you are really looking to kill two hours.

David C (es) wrote: it is a decent movie, that's it.

Asa B (de) wrote: A massive disappointment after the first film. Even Katie (8) observed: "It has taken almost an hour for the first fight, Daddy!" She wasn't wrong.

Philip P (es) wrote: Cold and hard and slow, this film is detached and slightly fantastical, but charismatic all the same. A curious, melancholy romance.

Timm S (ru) wrote: Needed Handcuffs, That Woulda Really Sharpened It Up..Just Like Gray & His Fifty Shades.

Cheryl H (mx) wrote: Not like this movie at all. Not a particular fan of Alec Baldwin. Thought the plot was kinda silly (the body switching thing). Also to see him kiss a man (old, young, whatever) was "gross"

Andrew L (ru) wrote: Epic Sci-Fi drama. Opens your eyes and your imagination.

Andrew G (us) wrote: This film was great, but could have been a tiny bit better. I like the characters, and Paul Newman plays his role straight rather than over-act it. The story kept me interested, and it's the sort of film that shows that life isn't perfect, and it isn't all simply easy living. It feels right for the time, and is a great film about Rocky Graziano. Perhaps the only thing I disliked was some of the humour enforced into the film, because some of it felt out of place and didn't really work.

Alexander C (de) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Stipe D (fr) wrote: Au! De Niro sad glumi u svakakvim glupostima.... film vrijedi kao i naziv glavnog glumca... 50 Cent.

Elgan D (gb) wrote: A concise morality tale from Ireland. The story is engrossing with the cast of unknowns aptly portraying the layered emotions.