Ilusiones perdidas

Ilusiones perdidas


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meya p (br) wrote: I'm sorry i couldn't do it, it sounded like a modern take on the running man with more characters, but I couldn't last, I got bored and started shopping online on my phone.

Ryan C (br) wrote: It tries to be very dramatic with a mix of comedy, but doesn't succeed in doing either very well. The acting is either over the top of underdone and it causes the tone to just flop short of the direction it was trying to go in.The story has a little depth, but outlining it doesn't go well and it makes for a boring watch. It seems Tracy Morgan was in it just for the comedy alone and he only gets a few laughs out of a bunch of attempts.

Jason T (br) wrote: Who was this movie made for again? Over the top acting and characters with a feel good ending.

Bryan D (br) wrote: Very much in the vein of Tarantino. Strangely entertaining if for nothing else to see Mark Hamill as a long haired, blonde psychopath and the always great Tony Todd.

Maria Q (ag) wrote: Amazing! it's Dublin and Dubliners!If somebody miss Dublin and dubliners must watch it!Kids with real Dublin accent!

Nuhat K (us) wrote: Insightful documentary. Makes you question how much you really know the people you think are closest to your heart.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 1.5: Cyclo and Vertical Ray of the Sun are two of the bigger disappointments I've had of late. Neither was able to capture and hold my attention. I suppose it didn't help that both rely more than most films on the power of their images and the DVD copies I picked up on the streets of Hanoi aren't of the greatest quality. Yes, this is languorous, slow, lush, sensuous, etc, but not overwhelming so. I just couldn't connect with the story or the characters. Some of my favorite films are those in which nothing much happens, which is decidedly the case here, but this film failed to work for me on just about every level. The level of society and tone of the film is a drastic change from Cyclo: the protagonists here are focused on love, betrayal, incest, sensuality, adultery, family, etc. Perhaps if I viewed a fine print of it in a distraction free theater it would be a different story.

Mari A (mx) wrote: i think i like it already

Aj V (ru) wrote: Emilio Estevez directs and stars in this movie as a sort of modern day Robin Hood type. I loved the story and Emilio does a fantastic job. I highly recommend this movie.