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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:Hindi
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Ilzam torrent reviews

Spookie M (es) wrote: Great doc on the history of vhs and it's cultural impact.

Jason H (jp) wrote: Your average romantic comedy. So predictable but quite watchable.

Scott A (ca) wrote: Basic tearjerker is pretty much made for TV stuff. Not horrible but not great either. Russell seems a tad wasted.


Rachael F (ru) wrote: This was not my fave

Veer G (nl) wrote: Unbreakable is a fresh new take on the superhero genre. This film is realistic superhero movie about a guy who does not know he is a superhero.

Eliabeth T (au) wrote: I've only seen the end, and it was so WEIRD!! :O So crazy! xD I only want to see it because Usher is in it!

Wade W (br) wrote: As bad as it is, it's probably the only movie in which the 40 something year old villan has a moustache in his first scene, does not in his second scene, and is replaced from then on with a 12 year old kid.

Mike M (es) wrote: Pretty lame alien movie parody. Flixter tells me I have no friends who have seen it, and none that want to and things should stay that way.

Dustin G (fr) wrote: Fuller does what he can with his low budget and the overall quality is low at times and the dialogue is cheesy here and there, but as a story (a yarn, Fuller would say), it's a powerful, hard edged piece of work that poses some obvious questions it doesn't necessarily feel the need to answer. The ending for instance, is fantastic and leaves things up for discussion, which is always great. Fuller never got a fair shake while he was active and this controversial yes, but also somewhat important work, that was withheld from release for many years, is proof of that. Kudos to Fuller for doing what HE wanted, how he wanted, detractors and mainstream Hollywood be damned.

Nick O (it) wrote: Is "Little Big Man" post-modern because it wants to reinvent the wheel (in the wise words of the late, great Roger Ebert: "to spin an epic in the form of a yarn"), because it takes place at the tail end of when the Wild West was won? Or because it wants to have its cake and eat it too?Gah. This movie is so frustrating. I want to love it for Arthur Penn's peerless staging and ambition, but for some reason I just ended up really liking it. Don't get me wrong, please-- "LBG" is a damn fine flick, even flat-out terrific, the sort of epic on which Hollywood would sooner wipe its ass with millions of dollars as opposed to billions than take a leap of artistic and cultural faith. Dustin Hoffman is perfectly cast as the opaque faux-Indian white man Jack Crabb, a showcase Hoffman at every corner delivers with wry humor and neurotic, fish-out-of-water empathy. And Faye Dunaway, as Hoffman's unhappily Christian foster mom, will take your breath away, both in terms of beauty and the Southern-belle devastation with which she plays her character."Little Big Man" kind of goes on too long, starts to repeat itself, and just loses steam in general with narrative inconsistencies and a sour final beat that left me more puzzled than emotionally winded. But the masterful Penn tells it all with such deep wonder. He so finely entrances us with Crabb's bravado because he, too, we feel, isn't quite sure what to make of it himself.

Cory T (de) wrote: Today would have been Ingmar Bergman's 90th birthday, had he not passed away almost a year ago. This is the first film of his that I have seen, and it is coincidently the last he ever made. Perhaps, when I do see the rest of his work, I will be able to acknowledge with perspective Bergman's thoughts on life. Although I have only seen one of Bergman's films, I know enough about this mysterious man to understand why this movie plays out like it does. He makes the kind of films I enjoy; the kind the audience has to suffer through to come to a conclusion that may be as insufferable as the film itself, but is nonetheless true. While I admit to being too young to fully appreciate "Saraband," I can respect it simply because Bergman decided to make it. He retired in 1982, but decided 23 years later that he still had one final statement to make about life; and it is a sad statement, for sure. Erland Josephson and Liv Ullmann were in Bergman's film "Scenes from a Marriage" nearly 35 years ago, and now the three of them are reunited to reflect on the passage of time and the acknowledgement of the inevitable. The word 'saraband' refers to a piece of music played in triple meter and used to accompany a Spanish dance. In the case of this film, saraband(e) refers to the movements of Bach's Fifth Cello Suite. The music is inordinately sorrowful and meloncholy, but intimate and truthful as well. Ingmar Bergman was a sad man, but he had the medium of the cinema as a readily available outlet to express those emotions that simply cannot stay within us. It can be a scary thing, when we allow those deepest and most painful details of our lives to be exposed, but I think Bergman was hopeful that people wouldn't merely respect his visions but identify with his characters. I don't believe I have ever seen a film created as a reflective tool for the director. Then again, not all director's lives were as tragically romantic and ill-fated as Bergman's. I'm not entirely convinced Bergman didn't make this film for anyone but himself; in the same fashion, one of the most important themes of this film deals with the personal human selfishness. That selfishness seems to morph into bitter contempt in Ingmar's world, but this is only inferred through Josephson's character. Cinematically, there are many undeniable attributes that Bergman gifted the world with. In my adulthood, I hope I am able to explore his perspectives on life and achieve a greater respect for what this man had to say. Happy Birthday Ingmar...

Thomas S (us) wrote: Good fun start to finish.

joey s (mx) wrote: I was impressed by this movie, DIRECT TO DVD? that is rediculous, this movie is very underrated. The fights in this movie are memorable, action packed. I just wish the ending Bone would of fed the guy to his own dogs. Great Movie!

Paul D (kr) wrote: Unapologetic revenge movie with plenty of gore and an uneasy dark premise behind the kidnapping and captives found throughout this film. It may not alway feel genuine, but it has good pace.