Imaginaerum tells the story of an elderly composer, Tom, who suffers from severe dementia

. . However, through Tom's darkest secrets, Gem discovers the path she must follow in order to. As they have become more and more distant from each other over the years, and as there's even greater obstacles separating them now Tom's coma and his imminent death Gem's project feels doomed to failure. Tom travels through his imaginary world seeking answers and finding memories, while his daughter, Gem, tries to recover the bond she had once shared with her father in the real world. Or is it? The film is a journey between two different dimensions. As he drifts away into coma, it seems impossible to get back what he has lost. All he has left is the imagination of a ten year old boy. His music, friends, all his past including the memory of his daughter are a blur in his fragile mind. As he has had the disease for years and has regressed into childhood, he remembers practically nothing from his adult life. Imaginaerum tells the story of an elderly composer, Tom, who suffers from severe dementia

Imaginaerum is a new movie of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 2012. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Quinn Lord, Elias Toufexis, Marianne Farley, Ron Lea. The kind of movie are Drama, Fantasy, Musical. The rating is 6.2 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Audrey L (fr)

Still reeling from seeing this for the first time today. the horror. . . Oh the humanity and the horror. . . . Williams and Kazan ~ technicolor CHEKOV in black and white

Carlos Z (mx)

Quirky and cute film

Chad D (de)

it took me literally 25 years to finish this film

Dragana T (ag)

it's not horrorit is based on the historical facts about vlad tepes

Evan H (es)

actually liked it!. It was amateurish as well but I don't care what people say. At times it tried to manipulate the viewers emotions. It's a pretty funny movie with a pretty good cast

Iasia D (it)

this is another good date movie!

Jamie C (br)

An above average space adventure that has some fun easy characters to like and care for, With some funny humour and good action scenes it's all fun but the story has been done so many times it's hard to love and the effects weren't great, A few things that I struggled to get round but the ending was great and made up for other things, There's plenty like this film but it's one of the better ones

Jeff B (it)

Solid acting, solid action, and pretty much what anyone would expect from this group of fine actors. Why? Because he's the "good guy" that's why. Hey, he even makes friends with a few of his adversaries in the end. And to cut the story short, he out duels great odds, kicks ass over and again-and it doesn't matter if it's one, two, three or more, he kicks ass--and destroys the evil element. And he's living in complete anonymity until an encounter requires him to use his special set of skills (are you out there Liam?) So he does. Yeah, you've seen this one before. because of a family tragedy. , cop on the lamb in early retirement, exile, etc. Yes, it's the old ex military, govt. What would you expect from Statham, Franko, Ryder, and Bosworth (playing the strung out addict so well she's near unrecognizable). You've got an all-star cast that does a bang up job. So that Homefront isn't original should be no surprise to anyone nor a major detractor from overall enjoyment of the film. OK, again, as I've said before, there's a handful of plots running around Hollywood that just keep getting used over and over again

Mad M (us)

The lead is hard to connect with, so the the thrills are blunted. Kingsley is underutilized. Woody does a good job. Meh

Mandy C (kr)

It's those small little happy memories that we once shared which is enough to light us up a lifetime. And the scriptwriter has done a good job in sending out the message that love stories doesn't always need a happy together ending. The nave and silly things one will do, even the simplest things like sharing one beautiful song together and the idea of a dream home is enough to last a lifetime. Love, like all great architectures are built on a solid and steady foundation