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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
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Imaginario torrent reviews

Victor T (kr) wrote: "Gimme Danger" is a bizarre documentary about one of the most insane and influential rock bands ever (and one of my favorites as well). While it lacks rare footage and more Stooges songs (news flash, they have way more than "I Wanna be your Dog", "No Fun", "T.V Eye", "Fun House" and "Search and Destroy"), it makes up for it with Iggy Pop's charm (may I just say, it is weird to see Iggy with a shirt on) and overall works due to Jim Jarmusch's style. Additional is quite emotional for Stooges fan, as it is sad to see Steve, Scott, Ron and Dave (specially watching Scott talking about Dave is quite sad).

Martin C (es) wrote: A "body horror" themed film, heavily inspired (in a good way) by the early works of Carpenter and Cronenberg. Unfortunately while it has an interesting concept, it's lacking a coherent story, and so by the end it just sort of runs out gimmicks and stops. Not a bad film more of one needing a couple of re- writes before they started filming.

Cian O (de) wrote: It's refreshing to see a unique perspective on an outdoors-centered movie. With a hella strong storyline, brilliant direction and wonderful acting, Deadfall Trail is a must see! 3 men set off on their version of a camping trip only to face their inner-demons, their mortality and their will to another. This is psychosis in its natural state and it's scary as hell. Let's go camping.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Seen it yesterday again in 7 parts again , couln't take my eyes open again , didn't quite seen the finale....but seen 2 times before , know it's big fun & Cool . SOMVIDEO

Chris S (us) wrote: My guess is that after a large string of flops, Don Bluth convince himself to have this go direct-to-video. Don't blame him. Honestly this was something that basically exploited the popularity of Bartok.

Jennifer H (us) wrote: my mama was in this movie she was the drug store clerk that called back for a. price check.

Kevin F (fr) wrote: One of top 5 most striking-looking movies. Unlike There Will Be Blood, Barry Lyndon can tackle a scoundrel protagonist in an eminently watchable way, while remaining properly scathing. Dark satire...Humor! There Will Be Blood feels like the grandson of this film except the grandson doesn't get the joke and is only interested in destruction rather than correction, and this film remembers the virtue of DELIGHTING THE AUDIENCE. Did I mention the cinematography? Well, I'm doing it again.

Blais E (au) wrote: Marvelous cinematic version of the murder mystery by Dame Agatha Christie, the second in the series of superbly-mounted 1970's offerings, here substituting the portly Peter Ustinov for the previous Hercule Poirot, Albert Finney. Here there are several murders the erudite sleuth must contend with, and as the bodies start stacking up, the race is on to stop the maniacal shipboard murderer. Superb acting throughout, with the standouts being George Kennedy as burly, brutish, and-belligerant lawyer Pennington, Bette Davis as the jewelry-hoarding Grande-Dame Mrs. Van Schuyler, Jack Warden as the blustery Dr. Bessner, and the always-enjoyable Angela Lansbury stealing the show as the comically-eccentric and continually-smashed trashy Romance novel authoress, Salome Otterbourne. Full of enough plot-twists and red-herrings to keep even the most casual viewer involved.

Billy S (fr) wrote: another one i want to see

Laurent R (fr) wrote: An easy watch, not particularly great by any means; it's no Straight outta compton but but it's an easy sit through and if you enjoy Fifty's music i think you'll like it.

Bals A (ru) wrote: Evergreen masterclass from the genious Chaplin.

Bill T (au) wrote: Just really a hodgepodge of dumb oneliners and situations. Couldnt get into it at all.

aiden w (es) wrote: i barely broke a single fucking laugh

Reiko D (fr) wrote: Great soundtrack but too predictable. Alba is easy on the eyes though.