Dr. Reineger is a child neuro-psychologist who has become confident that the twin Anna has a form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome, rendering her unable to cope with reality. As for her...

Dr. Reineger is a child neuro-psychologist who has become confident that the twin Anna has a form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome, rendering her unable to cope with reality. As for her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (ru) wrote: Italian version of modern day Gatsbyian world. Well-worth watching!

Eric H (ru) wrote: Okay granted, this movie will not win an academy award however, it is very entertaining!! Its a good watch on movie night at the crib. I am not sure why some people are saying is not a good movie but Don't LISTEN!!Check this one out for yourselves. The characters are polished and clear about their roles in this movie. The plot although done before doesn't bore you. You don't anticipate what's coming next. Also there is a surprise element to the way this attorney defends his clients whether they are innocent or not. So grab a friend or a date get your favorite snacks and dig in for this one. I promise you wont be disappointed!!

Peter W (de) wrote: While it might be predictable to Arakki fans i enjoyed it.

Michael R (ru) wrote: Optimistic take on global warming and what can be done to counter it. No ground breaking revelations, but inspirational nonetheless.

Jennie R (us) wrote: This is just did not seem very funny to me. There were a few chuckles but nothing that I found incredibly funny. Ferguson seems to be trying to hard for a laugh in this routine. Some of it seems almost forced and some just seemed that he found himself more humorous than the audience did. Some of his facial expressions were more maniacal and frightening than funny. The one bit I really enjoyed was about Sean Connery and James Bond. That was pretty good. He does a great impression of the Legend. Other than that, skip on past this one.

Joshua H (au) wrote: DIARY OF A TIRED BLACK MAN: (2008) You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, so they say. By first glance The Diary of Tired Black man seem liked some watered-down, wanna-be Tyler Perry bullshit, so I thought. I actually watch it and it's in fact much much worst. Well on a basic aesthetic level, I thought the film was quite shitty. The acting was piss poor, the characters false, inauthentic, and under-developed. The premise of the film is essentially, black men (good) are disgruntled and tired for one main reason: the angry man-hating black woman that the director defines as ABS (Angry Black Woman Syndrome). Everything about about this film is Director/Screenwriter Tim Alexander, though he premise is interesting, his execution, theories, and point of view is pretty embarrassing. The movie is cut between an Alexander's narration, a fictional dramatization of relationship between a tired black man and a angry black woman and THE MAN ON THE STREET INTERVIEWS (which is this movie's only saving grace).The movie is at the same patronizing to Black women that aims to "educate" while condemning them as the MONSTER, which will naturally create a defensive reaction.. Alexander seems to lack psychology range of black women or any woman for that matter to be a good arbitrator for this subject matter.(this is clear in the director commentary). The movie has allot of interesting points, but its lost cause the director comes from the background of being a lame-ass, chode and bring too much bitterness into project. You can tell he holds Angry Black Women responsible for dogging him, despite him being a "nice, good black man" as if not beating your wife, going to church, and being an upper-class professional makes you a REAL MAN. LAME! VERDICT: This movie is so bad, it's AWESOME! Must SEE!

Kris P (us) wrote: While many of us fascinate ourselves with the horror and the occult, many of us fail to recognize the ture horrors around us. The movie Firefly covers both of those with a bittersweet frosting. Just the right amount of each, but not enough to make it outstanding. Lately, I've been enthralling myself with independent horror movies. Some of them B, some of them not. I originally heard about this movie after looking up films that Ashley Laurence ([i]Hellraiser[/i]) was in. When I saw this movie was being released a Canadian film festival, I was curious to how exactly it might turn out. The film itself, tells a story about a teenage boy who's obsessed with horror films. He's great at making plaster replicas of zombies and the like and plans on working with Hollywood makeup in his future. However, his unsupportive and abusive step father always seems to stand in his way. Other local horrors occur with all the characters in the film. This stretches all the way from teen pregnancy to frighteningly conservative church groups. Sounds like your typical drama, but it's not. The directing style with low key lighting and shady characters truly demonstrates the film's real morals. It shows that each and every one of us have a monster somewhere in our life. These monsters aren't fictitious in any way. They're very real. While the writing is a bit sappy and there doesn't appear to be a thick plotline, the overall premise of the film is outstanding. It's not enough to have a perfect review, but it's definitely worth seeing.

Conchita R (br) wrote: Don't bother pausing it while you go to the bathroom. It won't be that diferent when you come back. Ben Kingsley almost makes it a good movie though...

Irina M (es) wrote: A well appreciated film all around it seems, yet I found the story to be very slow moving.'Noir'?!

Matt T (ru) wrote: After watching her performance in The Keys to Tulsa, Joanna Going's participation enticed me to watch this film and I was not disappointed.

Roxanne R (us) wrote: I must agree with one of the critics that called this an edgy and powerful motion picture that hits a nerve because it is so sad to see young people in Santa Monica Blvd selling themselves to the first guy that offers them money. They are being used, exploited and such a promiscuous and fast paced life such as theirs has the potential to end very badly. Very good performances by David Arquette in the lead role as soon to be 21 year old John who wants to spend one night at Park Plaza Hotel but he lacks the money for the room. Also good performances by Terrence Howard as Jimmy the Warlock (his pimp), Wilson Cruz as Mikey, and Lukas Haas as Donner the only one in the movie with common sense and a willl to leave that empty and ugly place of sex and drugs. Will John listen to his friend Donner and leave Santa Monica CA for Camelot, a theme park in Branson MS where they can find decent employment as lifeguards or will he become another statistic, another victim of the male hustler scene? Its a thought provoking movie that will linger with you long after you watch it...Recommended!

Silvestre S (ru) wrote: Yet another Addams Family masterpiece well done with more laughs,more dark comedy,and darkness which made the original good this one is better in almost indescribable words.

Bill B (es) wrote: Great practical special effects and over the top gore make for a satisfying mid 80's horror film, and something that definitely holds up on the re-watch. Noteworthy also for Barbara Crampton in bondage gear, because YOWZA.Check it out.

Grant S (it) wrote: Fairly conventional vampire-horror, though at the time it might have been a bit novel. Predictable plot, paint-by-numbers direction, campy acting. Is fun at times though.

Allan C (ca) wrote: In the mood for a misogynistic western versions of "The Taming of the Shrew"? Well then this is the movie for you!

George I (jp) wrote: Had to watch it over two nights. The intermission came on at around the 2 hour 18 minute mark.

Daniel M (us) wrote: Yet another recent John Cusack film trashed by the critics (unjustly). This movie has all you need or could ever want from an action flick. Definitely worth a watch.

Darren B (ru) wrote: 14% on RT is beyond stupid. Yeah it was far from perfect or even remotely awesome but it held its own and Clive Owen delivered. More character driven than action packed but still quite entertaining. On Netflix (Canada)

Kala W (ca) wrote: Good movie but the werewolves could've been better

Thomas B (ca) wrote: Nothing real special about this movie. (Except it was made here in Pittsburgh) lol